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Friends Don't Let Friends Kill Matt

Elena's washing up, when a girl, Heather, enters. She's been bitten. Her neck is bleeding, and her eyes betray that she's been compelled. Rebekah follows and makes a great show of tempting Elena to take a little bite. Okay, where was Rebekah when she bit Heather? She was either in a classroom full of kids, some of whom must be on vervain, or she was in the hallway, where Connor is. This makes me feel cheap too -- like I'm being written down to. I regret giving this episode an A. This scene amounts to nothing more than showing us how hard Elena's struggling against her appetite and her rage, so I think I'll leave it here and enjoy the commercial, featuring the delightful Julie Plec.

Connor's got Jeremy in an otherwise empty classroom, so clearly Stefan's "I've got this," meant nearly nothing. Jeremy is happy to miss biology class, but wants to know why. Connor hands him a folder as he babbles about Gilbert history, then explains that Jeremy's there, because he can see Connor's tattoo. Only hunters and potential hunters can see the hunter's mark. Jeremy should join the drama club, because he does a pretty good job of laughing off the idea that vampires exist. Connor already knows he knows though. He knows everything about Jeremy and Elena, or at least too much. He's a regular student of Mystic Falls, and tells the Germ that playing dumb makes him look dumb. He then tells the boy to find him a vampire, and he'll show him what to do. Stefan lurks outside as Connor says he's in Hudson, off Route 13. Jeremy wonders how he's supposed to find a vampire. Connor: "Start by asking your friend with the bandage on his neck." I don't think Matt has that bandage anymore. Did he heal naturally, I wonder, or did Elena do a little blood sharing with him, too?

Cut to Connor's camper. Damon must have already gotten the location from Jeremy. He enters and looks around. He spies a syringe and beaker, Connor's files, and whatnot. When he reaches for something, it triggers some sort of booby trap. I don't really know how to describe what happens here, but an arrow pierces Damon and it's connected to some sort of bomb. If Damon moves? Kaboom. He tries to figure if there's a way out of this on his own, but it doesn't look like there is one.

MFHS, Exterior. Caroline and Stefan try to calm Elena. Finally, Stefan proposes that they skip the rest of the day. Yes, attending part of one class still makes this one of their more successful school days in recent memory. Elena agrees. And says something about going to Becky's party to prove she won't be intimidated. She just wants to go home and change out of her bloody clothes first. Why bother, since no one in the whole school noticed you getting stabbed. I'm just saying.... Once Elena is gone, Stefan and Caroline analyze Elena's angst. Caroline tells Stefan he's good at training baby vamps. And Care Bear is right, in that he trained her and she's the most awesome vampire, ever. She tells Stefan he should probably write a book and appear on The View. Heh.

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