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Alone in the kitchen, Elena musters up her courage, flies to the sink and starts to sizzle, even as she grabs her ring. Given last week's excess of blood, at first, I'm afraid she didn't turn off the garbage disposal, so I shield my eyes, but it's okay. She puts the ring back on and digs through her purse. Stefan enters, just as Elena pulls out the Son of White Oak stake, now covered by the flame-retardant protection Eloise endowed upon it, when she magically melted Alaric's Protecto-Ring. Elena wants to kill Rebekah. Stefan claims he's not going to stop her from killing Rebekah, but that's exactly what he does, when he explains that it will feel really good for a few seconds, but soon thereafter, every vampire Rebekah ever turned will die. "Rage is a really powerful feeling, but guilt -- take it from me -- it will destroy you. So, you can either go after her, or you can get on the back of my motorcycle, and we can get the hell out of here." Elena hands him the stake.

As the couple leaves the party, Rebekah purrs, "Leaving so soon?" Elena stops and looks her nemesis in the eye. "No. Not just yet. I never got a drink." Oh damn it, Elena. She does a keg stand, which I still don't get, but Stefan can't help but smirk at his girl's bravado. When she's done, she turns to Rebekah and wipes her mouth. "Now, I'm ready to go." As Rebekah watches the two leave, her vision blurs. She stumbles into the house. The veins in her face turn red. She mutters, "What in the Hell?"

Mayoral Manse. When Tyler returns to the office, instead of Hayley, he finds a crowing Klaus, who taunts him about Hayley and Caroline. Tyler tries to play it off like there's nothing between him and Hayley, but Klaus has imagined up a pretty convincing narrative. "You went off to the Appalachians, to break my sire bond. There you met a pack of werewolves -- begged them for help. Among them was a girl. She was gorgeous, with the same animal instincts as you. Emotions ran high. Inhibitions ran low." Tyler shakes his head. "Stop it." Klaus ignores him. "Then, in a moment of weakness, the thick sexual tension became something more real." Tyler: "I said stop!" Klaus's voice drops to a whisper. His eyes narrow. His lip curls in disgust. "And Caroline has no idea." Tyler's eyes widen. Klaus scoffs. When the phone rings, Klaus answers it. It's Damon, looking for Tyler, but Klaus tells him, "Tyler is otherwise occupied, making big decisions about honesty and whatnot. Is there anything I can do?" Damon says, "I'm going after the vampire hunter, so if he'd like to join..." Klaus: "He wouldn't. I, however..." I get sick of Originals-centered plot, but I could listen to Joseph Morgan's Klaus speechify, all day long.

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