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The Reckoning

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Bite Me, Again...

Hospital: Elena wakes in a hospital bed. The nurse has been compelled by Klaus, so she points out that Elena has lost a lot of blood. When Elena looks down at her arm, she realizes she isn't getting a transfusion; more of her blood is being syphoned off into a bag. Nurse Compel-o explains, "It's very important for your friend, Klaus." When Elena tries to struggle, Nurse Compel-o gives her a sedative. "He told me you need plenty of rest."

MFHS Exterior: Bitter Becky is bitter. "So the doppelganger isn't the problem; her blood is the solution." She wonders how big brother puzzled that out. Klaus says, "Well, you know how much the Original Witch hated me. Do you honestly think I would do anything but the opposite of what she says? Becky: "A thousand years in the grave and she's still screwing with you." Klaus says, "It makes sense if you think about it from her perspective. It was the fail-safe, in case I ever broke the hybrid curse. "The doppelganger had to die in order for me to become a hybrid, but then if she was dead..." Rebekah finishes for him: "They you couldn't use her blood to sire yourself a new species." Klaus says, "Leaving me alone for all time." Rebekah asks if that's what his hybrid obsession is all about. "You just don't want to be alone." And it totally is, because you can see Klaus flinch when she says that. He shifts subjects, slightly. "What I want is to take my girl, my hybrid, get the hell out of this one pony town." What I want is to know who your girl is, Klaus. Elena? Stefan? Or your own sister? He tells Becky to go get the truck while he gets Elena. As soon as she's gone, Damon arrives. Klaus senses him before he sees him. Damon wants to know where Elena is. Klaus says she's making a little donation to the cause and warns Damon not to interfere. Damon says, "You'll have to kill me." Klaus says he would, but he made a pledge to Stefan and unlike Stefan, he keeps his word. "Although you know what -- thinking about it now -- he probably doesn't that much anymore." Klaus shoves Damon onto the hood of a car and throttles him. As Damon struggles he says, "Don't you want to know about your friend Mikael?" Klaus stops his fist mid-air and asks what Damon knows about Mikael. Damon: "Just that he knows you're here." Klaus says Damon is bluffing. Damon replies, "Katherine and I found him. Consider it our leverage." Klaus picks Damon up and hurls him across the row into another parked car. When Damon looks up, Klaus has disappeared.

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