Vampire Diaries
The Reckoning

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Bite Me, Again...

Charlotte, N.C.: Kiki and Jeremy approach a mausoleum with the name Pickett carved on the lintel. Jeremy explains that Anna said a witch entombed them here, in the 90s." Is that the 1990s? Katherine forces open the door. She moves to the larges sarcophagus and shoves off the top. Inside is a corpse, rotted in much the same way Rebekah looked before Klaus removed the dagger from her chest. The corpse is completely bound in chains. When Jeremy and Katherine look down at the face, his eyes fly open. Title Card.

Well, I did not expect Stefan to be moving back into the Manse. Why don't they drug him with vervain and stake him? Oh yeah, because then we wouldn't have a show about two vampire brothers in love with the same human girl. I can't wait to see what happens in this week's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." In the meantime, please grade the episode up top and join us in the forum, where Damon will never leave you.

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