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Bite Me, Again...

So Caroline, Tyler, Elena and Bonnie are booby-trapping a classroom with mousetraps. It is Senior Prank night, after all. So now, on top of accepting that the kids of Mystic Falls enter the school whenever and no one notices or cares, I also have to believe that these particular kids were able to set up all those mousetraps IN TOTAL DARKNESS, without tripping them themselves. And don't give me that, "But they have flashlights, and one of them was even on," nonsense, because the blocking and trap placement suggests I'm supposed to believe they started at the door and worked their way further into the room. They were going to get out -- how, exactly? Oh and yes, I know we're probably supposed to think these kids broke in, but since this is an annual tradition, wouldn't the school be expecting it and make sure the kids couldn't get in? See, I love this show, I do. But they jam so much into episodes that sometimes it feels like the writers says, "Details, schmeeetails. Why think this through, when we can just bait the schmucks, instead?" To be clear, I don't mind the misdirection, here. I mind being written down to, damn it. My "damn it" might seem like overkill, but I only included it to avoid ending that sentence with a preposition -- a practice up with which I shall not put -- except for when I'm inclined to. All right, let's get back to it.

Traps snaps. Caroline yells. I nitpick. Tyler and Caroline give Matt crap for forgetting about Senior Prank Night. No one cares that my Poor Pudding Pop is melting right in front of their eyes. Elena tells him that if she's doing Prank Night, he's doing it. Bonnie, instead of using her powers for good and magically mitigating Matt's clothing atrocities, adds that Caroline is making everyone have fun tonight, whether they like it or not. That not exactly what she says, but it's strongly implied. Caroline starts lecturing the gang about making memories. When Elena finishes the spiel for her, Caroline tells her to make fun all she wants. "I don't care." Tyler, who knows on which side his bread is buttered, tells the gang they're all lame, and he's got ten more classrooms to prank. Caroline smirks and points to her new boy toy -- all pleased and proud. If Matt's brain hasn't yet turned entirely into a puddle, he must be figuring out -- right now -- that Caroline and Tyler and sleeping together.

Elena puts down her flashlight and starts to walk out of the room, so Bonnie asks where she's going. Elena lets the smile play around her lips as she looks from Bonnie to Caroline, and then finally says, "To superglue Alaric's desk shut. I'm making memories." Caroline turns on her best 10,000 watt Vampire Barbie smile and shouts, "I LOVE YOU!" Matt just shakes his head. We leave him and his sweat and follow Tyler and Elena out into the hall. Ty's giving instructions to some randoms about cellophane-ing the faculty toilet seats and helping out Dana in the gym. Elena smiles as she passes them and walks down the hall. Alone. Oh, girl, this can't end well.

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