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Bite Me, Again...

And it doesn't. As soon as Elena is through the double doors and rounds the corner, she runs into Klaus, who greets her with a: "There's my girl." She turns to run the other way, but he Stealth-Salvatores around her and says, "You are supposed to be dead. What are we going to do about that?" Title Card.

Highway: Damon is driving and Katherine is riding shotgun on their road trip. She complains that she's hungry. "Let's stop for a bite. A truck stop... or a trucker." When Damon tells her to stop being cute, Katherine says, "It's not possible." Damon wants to know where they're going. Katherine still won't let him in on her plan, except to say she wants to get Damon far enough away so he won't go running back. Damon says, "Not to worry. Mystic Falls and I are on a bit of a break." As Katherine asks whether he means Mystic Falls or Elena, she gets all sex-kitteny. She scoots over 'til she's close to him, and gets rather handsy. Damon says he and Elena are having a difference of opinion about his behavior. Don't forget Alaric, Damon. I'm pretty sure he wasn't in love with you killing him, either! Kiki coos that Elena wants Damon to play the hero, but he doesn't like to pretend. When Damon says it's something like that, Keeks whispers, "Her loss," and starts making out with him! She loves herself a Salvatore man, especially one who is no longer wrapped around her finger. Damon dives into the kiss, which I'd be all for, if they weren't driving down a highway. He doesn't even keep one eye on the road. Vampires suck. Mid-smooch, Damon tosses Katherine back to her side of the car. When she asks what he's doing, Damon says, "Thought I'd give it a shot. Truth is, you just don't do it for my anymore." His pants don't actually burst into flames from this white lie, but they are smoking. (Oh go ahead, have some pun fun.)

Klaus's Truck o' the Dead: Stefan wakes with a sore neck. Rebekah explains that's because Klaus has been breaking his neck all afternoon. Stefan wants to know why they're back in the Falls. Rebekah tells Stefan to stop playing dumb. They know what he's been hiding. Stefan rises to his feet. "I'm not hiding anything. I've done everything Klaus has asked me to." Rebekah tells him they know the doppelganger is alive. Our boy can't muster his poker face, so he turns from Rebekah as he asks where Klaus is now. Rebekah says, "With any luck? Ripping that cow's bloody head off." Jealous much, Becky? Stefan Stealth-Salvatores at her and pushes her out of the truck and onto the ground. When they land he yells, "Where is she?" Rebekah says, "You really do love her, don't you?" She shoves him to his feet and Stealth-Salvatores him against the back of the truck where she gives him a good thrashing, which she finishes off by thrusting a crowbar into his gut. "Consider me jealous." See?

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