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Bite Me, Again...

Mystic Falls High School: Klaus drags Elena down the hall as he reprimands her for messing up his great hybrid reproduction operation by continuing to live. Elena says, "If you're going to kill me just do it..." Her don't make me listen to your maniacal ranting is implicit. Klaus won't off her until he knows for certain he's right. "But I do have ways of making you suffer." He pushes her into the gym. Don't make her climb the ropes, Klaus. That would be low, even for you. Klaus then turns on such an American accent that the first time I hear it, I don't realize I'm hearing him. "Attention, seniors. You've officially been busted. Prank night is over. Head on home." Klaus stops Dana and Chad, who are two of the kids he compelled last season, while he was wearing Alaric's meat suit. He compels Dana to stand on one leg and compels Chad to beat her to death if she lets the other foot hit the floor. Elena: "Don't, Klaus. You don't have to hurt anybody." Klaus: "Oh come on, love. Of course I do."

Ridiculous Road Trip Down Letdown Lane: I was expecting Damon to go off with Katherine and wreak some real havoc (and maybe get a little trim). Katherine's "plan" however, seems to lack actual planning. Damon pulls into a rest area. Katherine complains about stopping, so he jokes about needing a break from the sexual tension and then tells her it's her turn to drive. When she walks over to get the keys, he tosses them far away. "We're not going anywhere until you spill your guts." Kiki gives in. She shows him Elena's necklace and tells him that Klaus wants it. "It's leverage, Damon. Always stay one step ahead of your enemy." She tells him that when she stole the necklace from Bonnie, she found out something, but she wants to know that Damon is willing to do what it takes to stop Klaus without turning back. Damon says, "I'm not turning back." Katherine says, "Good, because this isn't going to win you any points at home." She walks to the back of the car and opens the hatch to reveal an unconscious Jeremy lying in the trunk. Damon: "Jeremy? Really?"

MFHS Hallway: While Caroline is coating doorknobs with honey, Tyler is trying to get some sugar, at least until she asks him if he thinks Matt will be okay. At first, Tyler is a little put off that she's talking about her ex, but she reminds him that Matt is their friend and they both love him. Ty allows that Matt probably feels like he has no one to talk to right now, and that he's struggling. He then adds, "I think that I love how big your heart is." Caroline just wants this school year to be great and everyone to be happy even in the midst of the badness. Tyler says he's happy and starts kissing her. They're interrupted by Rebekah saying, "You two are adorable." She reveals that she knows their names and what they are. Caroline puts herself between Tyler and Rebekah and says, "And who are you?" Rebekah says, "I'm the new girl," then vamps out and rushes Caroline.

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