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Bite Me, Again...

MFHS Pool: Did your high school have a pool? Mine did not have a pool. I always thought that was a rip-off. Anyhow, Matt and Bonnie are TPing the room. Bonnie is getting into the pranking and tries to encourage Matt to do the same. When Matt asks where Jeremy is, Bonnie starts to say they're having issues, but then just cuts to the chase -- admitting that Germ told her he's been "seeing" Vicki. Matt is relieved she knows, and admits he wants to see her too, because he never got to say goodbye to her. He can't believe how much their lives have changed. "Do you realize that just last summer, you and I were lifeguards at the pool and the only two problems I had in my life were that Elena was breaking up with me, and I sucked at CPR. [...] Now, Elena's dating a vampire; you're a witch; my sister's a ghost, and I'm... I'm just a guy who's wondering how life got so screwed up." Bonnie knows it's crazy and can't imagine what it must be like for him. She gets the Kind to Pudding Pop Award of the Week. These two have a little chemistry, don't they? We don't see them together often, but I'm thinking back to that car wash episode -- I think it was in Season 1, and it seems to me that's the first time I saw it. Anyhow, Matt says all the craziness of their lives kind of explains why he's not into senior prank night. Poor Pudding Pop.

Matt heads into the bathroom to grab a few more rolls of toilet paper. When he closes one of the stalls, it pops back open. He goes back to look and notices "R.I.P. Vicki Donovan" scrawled on the wall. Um... nice tribute? Matt closes the stall again and starts off. Vicki appears behind him. He pauses. She says, "I'm here Matt. I can help you." He doesn't hear her, so he walks off. And wait, what? Last time we saw Vicki, she was begging Jeremy to help her, wasn't she? How can she help anyone?

Gym: While Klaus continues to torment Dana and Chad, Elena asks where Stefan is what Klaus has done to him. Klaus: "Stefan's on a time out." Hee. I love Klaus. Just then, Bonnie and Matt walk in the gym. Elena yells for Bonnie to get out, but Klaus Stealth-Salvatores her. He tells Dana and Chad to relax and sit tight. Klaus says he assumes Bonnie is the reason Elena is still alive. Bonnie is ready to take the blame, but Klaus says there is no blame. "Your witchy interference seems to have caused some undesirable side effects, and since you caused the problem, I'm gonna have you find the fix." Rebekah drags Tyler into the gym. Klaus introduces her as his sister and says, "One warning, she can be quite mean." Rebekah says, "Don't be an arse," as she tosses Ty to her big brother. He explains his fledgling hybrids always die during transition. "It's quite horrible, actually." He then bites into his own wrist and force feeds his blood to Tyler, as he tells Bonnie she needs to find a way to save the hybrids. "And for Tyler's sake, you'd better hurry." He snaps Tyler's neck. Ty falls to the floor, dead. Bonnie, Elena and Matt recoil in horror, but Matt's horror quickly morphs to fury. Klaus smiles with pleasure at his audience's reaction. He's such a needy little ham.

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