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The Reckoning

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Bite Me, Again...

Ridiculous Road Trip Down Letdown Lane: Katherine has Jeremy's cell phone. When a text comes in from Bonnie that reads, "Where are U?" Katherine says, "I think your witchy girlfriend worried that you've run away with your ghostly lover." Damon wants them to knock off the teenybopper drama and tells Jeremy to focus. Soon, Anna shows up on the table behind Jeremy and says she won't help them. Even after Jeremy explains they're looking for a way to kill Klaus, Anna's response is: "I don't care. Katherine is not a friend to you. Neither of them are." When Damon asks what Anna said, Jeremy says, "She doesn't want to help you." Katherine leans in and whispers to Damon: "My advice. If you want to make an omelet, you've got to break a few... legs." I think I've gotten some fortune cookies written by her. Damon rises and approaches Jeremy. "Jeremy, I just want you to know, it's nothing personal." He then slams Jeremy's head against the picnic table. As Jeremy yells, "Oh, what the hell?" Damon talks to Anna, even though he can't see her. "Anna, I know you can hear me. Tell us what you know -- the sooner the better for your little boyfriend here." Anna tells Jeremy, "They're looking for Mikael." Jeremy shouts out, "MIKAEL." After questions from Damon and Katherine, Anna explains that Mikael is the vampire who hunts vampires. So he's Michael the Vampire Vampire Slayer? Right then. We'll be calling him MtVVS. Anna says they don't want to wake him. He'll kill both of them. Jeremy relays that they'd be idiots to wake him. Damon: "It's time to go find the keys." Katherine: "Mmm hmm."

MFHS Corridor: Rebekah is playing with Caroline's cellphone when Caroline regains consciousness and asks where Tyler is. Rebekah takes a picture of herself, then says, "He's dead...ish." Caroline rolls over and sees Ty lying next to her. Rebekah: "He's having a nap. When he wakes up, he'll be a hybrid." As Caroline tries to listen for Ty's heartbeat, Rebekah thumbs through the photos on Caroline's phone. There's a cute one of Stefan and Elena. Rebekah gives it an "Ugh... vomit," but then she zooms in on it and realizes Elena is wearing her magical necklace. She gets to her feet and heads to Caroline with the phone still in hand. "Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?"

Gym: Stefan is finishing off Chad as Elena watches in horror and Klaus rubs it in about how nice it is to see a vampire in his true element. "The species has become such a broody lot." Stefan faces them with Chad's blood still dripping from his mouth. Elena looks at Klaus. "You did this to him." Klaus smiles. "I invited him to the party, love. He's the one dancing on the table." Becky bounds in demanding her necklace. She shows Klaus the necklace picture on the phone. He looks at Stefan and scolds him for telling even more lies. Rebekah turns to Elena. "Where. Is. It?" When Elena says she doesn't have it anymore, Rebekah says, "You're lying," and then vamps out and sinks her fangs into Elena's neck. Stefan starts to react, but before he can get to the women, Klaus tosses Elena free from Becky's grasp and tells little sister to knock it off. He then kneels down where Elena landed. "Where's the necklace, sweetheart? Be honest." Elena is holding her bleeding neck. "I'm telling the truth. Katherine stole it." Klaus smiles. "Katerina. Of course. Well, that's unfortunate. If we had the necklace it would make things a whole lot easier for your witch, but since we're doing this the hard way, let's put a clock on it. Shall we?" He sets the basketball scoreboard clock for 20 minutes and walks over to Stefan. "If Bonnie hasn't found a solution by then, I want you to feed again -- only this time -- I want you to feed on Elena. You know you want to." Showing no concern for herself, Elena begs Klaus not to do this to Stefan. As he and the Bitter Beckster trot out of the gym, Klaus tells Stefan that if Elena tries to leave, he is to fracture her spine. The clock is at 19:48 when we cut to...

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