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Gilbert Gables: Stefan keeps watch over Elena, who is still seated on the floor, cradling Jeremy in her arms. In defense of his brother, he offers, "He saw the ring, that's why he did it. He knew." When Elena insists Damon didn't see it, Stefan switches the blame to Katherine. "She got under his skin. She undid everything that was good about him." As we cut to a shot of Damon entering Mossy Manse, Elena says, "There's nothing good about him, Stefan, not anymore. He's decided what he wants. He doesn't want to feel; he wants to be hated. It's just easier that way." As she clings to Jeremy, she adds, "He got his wish." And while, over at Mossy Manse, Damon throws his empty glass into the fireplace, Elena finishes: "I hate him, Stefan."

Just then, Jeremy gasps his way back to life, scared and confused. As Stefan and Elena try to comfort him and determine if he's okay, Jeremy says, "He killed me. Damon killed me." While Elena hugs him to her and thanks God, Stefan closes his eyes and bows his head in relief, while I scratch my head at the vagaries of the protect-o-ring. Now, to be fair to the writers, they established last season that the ring protected against a good neck snapping, when Damon snapped John's neck and tossed him off the balcony. They've established that ring protects against supernatural death. Neck snapping and balcony tosses are no more supernatural deaths than a car accident is. So what is it, really -- does the protect-o-ring keep a person from being killed in any old way, if the killer is a supernatural creature? I mean -- is it a sentient protect-o-ring? We're getting clunky here, kids. If supernatural creatures can't kill a ring wearer when he's wearing his ring, how come they can chop off the ring wearer's fingers and make him vulnerable? I no like. I was really hoping that we'd learn Uncle John had taken Grayson's ring and caused his death. My fanon here is that he did and lied about it to the Germ.

Hospital: Caroline wakes to find Katherine-As-Elena standing over her. She naturally assumes it's Actually Elena, and wonders why she's there so late. Katherine sits on Caroline's bed. "My name is Katherine. I was hoping you could give the Salvatore brothers a message for me." Caroline rubs her eyes. "What are you talking about? What message?" Katherine stares down at her next victim and says, "Game on," then SMOTHERS CAROLINE TO DEATH WITH HER HOSPITAL PILLOW. When the deed is done, Katherine strolls out in her jeggings and oh-so-sexy boots. Dun! Title card. End.

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