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Doppelganger Hijinks Ensue

Also of note: Elena finds out she is adopted. Her bio-mom, Isobel (history teacher Alaric Saltzman's erstwhile wife), became a vampire years ago, at the fangs of none other than Damon. But Elena's bio-dad? He's the real kicker. He's her adoptive father's brother John, which might mean Elena is her own grandpa. Additionally, Jeremy's vamp-girl, Anna, tries to out-doom doomed lovers Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, by giving Jeremy an actual vial of her blood, in case he yearns for immortality without all the complicated theology such things often entail. After Anna is staked by John Gilbert, Jeremy decides to turn himself into a vampire so he can shut off his pain. He guzzles Anna's blood, swallows a fistful of painkillers, snuggles down on his bed, displays a previously hidden bodacious bicep and drifts off -- perhaps to heaven, perhaps to hell, perhaps just to dreamland. Elsewhere, non-vamp Tyler Lockwood is disabled by the Gilbert Gizmo, while driving Pudding Pop and Caroline home from the Founders' Festivities/vamp massacre. Ty crashes his car and is rendered unconscious. While an EMT examines him, he is startled by Ty's distinctly lupine eyeball. But as young Lockwood regains consciousness, Caroline collapses on the pavement. If you don't know about all that, but wish you did, read my "weecap" of the season 1 finale, because this Previously ends now.

NOW: We get a slightly different take on John's kitchen encounter with Katherine-As-Elena, including new exposition from Katherine informing us that Jenna has gone to the fire department to fill out a report about the Vampo Inferno in the basement of the late Dr. Gilbert's building, but whatevs. What I really want to point out is the package of "Snack Pack" pudding in the fridge, which I totally missed last season and am totally pretending is a pudding-y shout-out to me, because I'm needy like that. True, it actually looks like it's in the freezer, which you might say makes no sense, but I say that makes it even more Pudding Poppy, so hush. (I you pudding planters. E me!)

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