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Southern Mansion: Trevor's all atwitter. Elijah is there. He wants to flee, but Rose reminds him they're family forever and she has his back. Out in the hallway, the front door opens to reveal Elijah, who I'm ashamed to admit makes me feel Mason's loss a little less keenly. Did you ever watch Days of Our Lives? If so, is it just me, or does he look like a combination of the first two Austin Reeds (Patrick Muldoon and Austin Peck)?

After the commercial, Elijah is all Euro-elegant (I should mention Trevor & Rose are Brits) as Rose pleads their case. She has learned Katerina Petrova didn't perish in the fire back in 1864. Elijah is unsurprised by this and claims that when Rose summoned him to "this armpit of civilization, which is a mere 3 hours from the town we know as Mystic Falls, I surmised it had everything to do with Katerina. Do you have her in your possession?" Rose does not, she has something better -- a human doppelganger. Elijah insists that Katerina's family line ended with her, but Rose insists the facts have changed. Rose then makes her bargain, and although she included Trevor in her first explanation to Elijah, she doesn't explicitly mention him while striking the bargain itself, so yeah, Trevor's a goner. Whatever, I'm getting behind. Rose leads Elijah to Elena, he touches her and sniffs her neck. "Human. It's impossible. Hello there." Poor little Elena just trembles.

Now, I was all ready to pick on the fact that Jeremy said Elena was 300 miles from Mystic Falls and Elijah noted they were 3 hours from Mystic Falls, but honestly, I'm tired, so I'm going to let you do it, instead. Go ahead. There. Isn't that better? Anyhow, our beautiful Brothers Salvatore arrive on the mansion grounds. Damon wants to make sure Stefan knows how risky this caper is, as the vamps who grabbed Elena are probably 500 years or older. There's every chance they won't make it out alive. Stefan can't think of a better reason to die, but will understand if Damon stays behind. Of course Damon isn't staying behind.

Mansion Interior: Elijah toys with Trevor as the lesser vampire apologizes. There's talk of honor and loyalty and begging for forgiveness. Elijah grants it, and then knocks Trevor's head clear off his body. It's as gruesome as it is awesome. As Elijah moves toward Elena, she bargains for her life by sputtering out that she knows where the moonstone is and can get it for him. Elijah tries to compel her to tell him, but Elena says it doesn't work that way. Having been around the block, Elijah quickly realizes Elena's necklace must be a vervain charm. He rips it off her neck, tosses it across the room, grabs her by the hair and demands his answer. Elena, now under his thrall, tells him the moonstone is in the old Mystic Fall tomb, with Katherine.

Just then, Damon and Stefan enter. Elijah hears them, but they are Stealth-Salvatoring all over the place and teasing him with whispers of "Up here," and "Down here." After they shoot a stake through his palm, Elijah gets serious. As he looks for Damon and Stefan, Stefan pulls Elena aside and Damon pulls Rose aside and they shush the girls into silence. Elijah breaks a coat rack into a formidable makeshift stake as he calls out to the boys -- explaining that they'll never beat the likes of him. He just wants the girl.

The next thing you know, Elena's alone on the center staircase. She tells Elijah she'll come willingly as long as he doesn't harm her friends. Elijah knows immediately that she's playing a game with him, so Elena tosses the vervain grenade right at him. It burns his skin for but a moment, and then he's recovered. The boys, still in hiding, shoot stakes at him from Alaric's weapons. Once he's weakened, Damon moves in for the kill, and stakes him through the chest, right into the front door. Scott immediately yells, "He's not dead, cut off his head." I argue with him that these vampires are not like Twilight vampires. We see Elijah's skin shrivel, just like Lexi's and Anna's before him. He's dead. Silly husband, the show wouldn't go there.

Relieved, Elena smiles down on the scene below like an angel of love. Damon looks up at her as she descends the stairs and runs right into his waiting arms... him being Stefan. Ooh, poor Evil Pixie Monster. That had to hurt. We'll let him have his pain and Elena and Stefan have their joy as we cut to commercial.

Gilbert Gables: Elena enters her house ALONE (my word, will no one stay with this girl once in a while?) and finds Bonnie and Jeremy waiting for her. Bonnie pushes past the Germ and hugs her BFF first. She's thrilled when Elena tells her she got her magical message. I think their friendship has finally defrosted. Jeremy then hugs his sister like he can't let go. I've seen people noting they thought it was an unbrotherly hug, but I think that's nonsense. These kids pretty much only have each other. Jeremy can't bear another loss. It's not like he was grinding on her or slipped her the tongue.

Mossy Manse: Stefan explains to Damon that Elena wanted some time with Jeremy. Huh. I wonder if they're back together or not? As Stefan accepts a drink from Damon, he discusses the curse and how they're going to have to make peace between themselves if they're going to be able to protect Elena. Damon's prickly about it, but Stefan apologizes just the same for forcing blood on Damon when he was in transition. Damon turns his back, but Stefan keeps going. "I guess I just need to say it and you need to hear it. I'm sorry. What I did was selfish. I didn't want to be alone. I guess I just needed my brother." Damon gives Stefan a kind of shocked version of the eyething, but once Stefan is gone from the room, Damon's face softens.

Fortress Forbes: Caroline explains to Tyler that booze helps her with her thing, so it might help him with his. As they share a drink, they compare notes on their supernatural circumstance. Tyler says, "I'm hot." Darn tooting. Oh, wait, he's not done. "It's like my skin is on fire." OH HAI THAR JACOB BLACK. Caroline doesn't get that, but they both get a jittery feeling inside, and then there are the heightened emotions. Tyler finally asks, "How can you be a vampire?" Caroline: "How can you be a werewolf?" Tyler wants to know how many vamps there are. She lies that she's the only one, and that her transformation is a long story. Tyler confesses that he and Mason are the only werewolves he knows about. Caroline wants to tell him about their parents, the founding families and the Council, but she needs his word that he will tell no one else. "This is life and death, Tyler." Nearly in tears, Tyler says, "I have no one else to tell." He's scared to death of the next full moon and what it will bring. Caroline hugs him and tries to reassure him. Oh my goodness, so many potential new romances. Is it Christmas?

Mossy Manse: Instead of knocking on the door, Rose lets herself in and zooms around the place, which is just showing off. She knows Stefan's reputation as a good vampire from Lexi (awww, Lexi). Rose is tired of running and thinks she can be of assistance, because even though Elijah is dead, it won't stop here. Scott yells out that Elijah isn't dead. I roll my eyes at him and tell him to shush. She tells Stefan that the Originals will come for Elena. "They have to. They're doing it for him." Stefan asks who he is. Rose: "Klaus." My daughter, who has read the books, goes into spasms. I warn her that if she spoils me, I'll lock her in the dungeon. It's a thing.

Gilbert Gables: Elena brushes her teeth and then returns to her bedroom to find Damon waiting. She warns him that she's tired and asks why he's there. He's brought her back her necklace. Oh my, the way he's looking at her makes me a little weak in the knees. When Elena reaches for the necklace, Damon pulls it away. "I just have to say something." Elena wants to know why he needs the necklace to say so. Damon: "Because what I'm about to say is probably the most selfish thing I've ever said." Oh man, he's near tears. I can't take it. Elena tells him not to "go there." I tell Elena to shut up. It's all good. D

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