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Rite, Rite, You're Bloody Well Rite

Sidebar: I really like David Anders. I think he's done a fine job in the John role. I just think John was pretty much always despicable until this episode, and I have been so waiting for his death. I do think though, that if/since the writers were going to kill off Jenna, it was a bit of a waste to kill off John at the same time. Now who's going to be their guardian -- Alaric? It seems to me that killing off both parental-figures in one fell swoop squanders some opportunities down the line. Anyhow, goodbye, Uncle Snark Daddy. I loved to hate you most of all.

John: Even more than Katherine?

Recapper: Even more than Katherine.

John: Wow, thanks. I thought you just hate-hated me. I didn't know you loved to hate me-hated me.

Recapper: Just die already.

John: But I have so many people I want to thank -- like Isobel for wrapping me around her little finger, and my big brother...

Recapper: *kills you deader*

Ghost of John: Damn it.

So where were we? Well, I don't know, but now we're at the Lockwood mansion. A still naked looking Tyler is lying on the couch under his blanket. I have questions. Does he have pants or underwear on, now? If so, who put them on him? Was he able to do it himself. Did Matt do it to preserve Caroline's nonexistent modesty? Did Caroline do it? Is he still naked? Did Michael Trevino spend all of his time off at the gym, because -- have mercy, look at him! Oh, there's conversation between Tyler and Caroline here, too. What it amounts to: Caroline: We're friends, Tyler, you just have to control that thing where you're always treating me like kibble. Oh and a little thanks would be nice. Tyler: Why don't you snuggle up under the blanket with me and see what I'm wearing? Audience: "And report back to us immediately, Caroline." Caroline: My lips are sealed. Tyler: For now. I swear, it went just like that, almost. Maybe.

Gilbert Gables: Damon reports to Stefan that he compelled two cemetery workers to dig up a couple of empty graves in the Gilbert family plot, so it seems John and Jenna will stay dead, at least for now. Meanwhile, upstairs, Elena is getting prettified for the funeral, when Jeremy walks in and hands her the letter and ring from John. Elena then apologizes to Jeremy that he has lost so many people, even though she has lost the same number of people. Jeremy: "I still have you." Elena: Man, we have too much chemistry between us for cousin-siblings. Jeremy: Yeah, I'd better leave your bedroom, besides, the audience wants to see how great I look in this suit. Audience: YES!

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