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Rite, Rite, You're Bloody Well Rite

Paraphrase of the Melodramatic Voice-Over of Dead Uncle Snark Daddy's Letter: Prejudice is bad. Am I not the frigging object lesson for that? I'm totally dead now, but now you have the chance to grow old and do better with your own child than I did with mine on account of not raising her or even letting her know our true relation. Oh and did you catch how I mentioned you having children? That's totally because I do not want you ending up with a vampire. What's that nice boy Matt doing? I hear he's free.

And while the melodramatic voice-over plays out, we see our Fellowship of the Falls proceed to the cemetery in broad daylight, in their sexiest black clothing that is still suitable for mourning. But there's no funeral. Nope. This is just a grave visit. They don't watch the bodies buried. There is no eulogy. I guess no one else in town will learn that Jenna and John are dead. Elena lays long steam roses on their unmarked graves, and lays some more in front of Grayson and Miranda's headstone. Alaric lays a rose on Jenna's grave. Possibly other people lay other roses in the general vicinity. Oh and Elena and Damon have tearful eye sex, even though Stefan is right fricking there.

Stefan follows Damon and encourages him to come back to the house, but Damon isn't in the mood. He insists that Stefan find out, fast, how to kill a hybrid because things are just going to get worse, yo. Stefan says he's not going to let Elena lose anyone else. Damon says that's kind of tough luck timing, since Tyler bit him. Stefan examines the wound and fights back the tears. He swears they'll find a cure. "We kept Elena human, right? We found a way where there was no way. I will do this." Damon says to just keep it from Elena. "The last thing she needs is another grave to mourn." I don't think one mourns graves. I think one... Not the time for pedantry? Fine. Damon then swoops away, undoubtedly to go cry on his magical toad stool, and prepare himself for the woobification ritual to come. Title card.

Well, that episode left me too sad to say much of anything else. It left my daughter yelling, "I hereby reject your reality and substitute my own." I'll see you first thing Friday morning with my recaplet of the season 2 finale, "As I Lay Dying" -- provided I don't have to have deal with a crazed adolescent, Thursday night. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the forum, where we're all hiding our heads under Tyler's blanket. No, not because of that, you pervs -- just because we're scared of what's to come. (Stop snickering.)

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