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We Kissed. Now It's Weird

As Tyler starts to unleash his inner-wolf, he breaks free of his chains. He warns Bill to run, but Bill doesn't get out in time. In full wolf form, Tyler attacks Bill. You know, I've been biting my tongue over this chain-restraint method for a while, because shirtless Mason, or shirtless Tyler in chains? There's no bad there. But I can no longer be bought off so easily (especially since Mason is gone), so I'm just going to speak my mind. Chaining up a lycanthrope before he transitions is plain old dumb, because even if the chains hold (and it seems like the seldom do), once the transition is complete, his bonds -- his ties that bind if you will -- will be too loose on him, anyhow. What they need is a cage. Someone call Giles and Oz to clue-stick these nitwits, okay?

Alaric goes to the hospital to ask Meredith why she doped Damon and took some of his blood. Just then, a dying Bill Forbes is wheeled in. Meredith brings Alaric with her, to Bill's room, and lets him see her dose Bill with Damon's blood. "You wanted to know my secret. I cheat. I'm a doctor, and I hate when people die." Later, when Ty checks up on Bill, Bill informs him that he has to keep transitioning, until he can do so without pain. It is then that the sire bond will be broken. Ty says he can't put himself through that, again. Bill tells him he will, because until he is free of Klaus's influence, Bill won't let him anywhere near Caroline.

Meanwhile, Bonnie has been having nightmares about being locked in that fourth coffin. She finally dreams that someone releases her. It is her mother -- the mother who abandoned her, fifteen years prior. I'm thinking more and more that the coffin in question must house the corpse of the Original Witch, yes? Anyhow, with Damon's help, Bonnie and Elena locate Abby Bennett Wilson. Damon can't resist kissing and telling, so when Bonnie notices the tension between him and Elena, he blurts out: "We kissed. Now it's weird."

Klaus, as usual, is one step ahead of the Fellowship of the Falls, and sends an advance team to Ms. Wilson's house. There, a hybrid compels her sort of step-son, Jamie, to kill himself, if Abby fails to get the location of the coffins from Bonnie. While Bonnie and Elena are on the road to Abby's, Stefan calls and asks where they're going. Elena, who wants Bonnie to be able to reunite with her deadbeat mother, without having to deal with a bunch of vampire crap, lies that they're going to the Lake House for a little retreat until they find out where Bonnie's mom lives. What Elena doesn't realize is that Stefan is calling her from her house. He's looking right at the information she left on the table, and knows they're already on their way to meet Bonnie's mom. I sort of hate that both of these guys are getting the jump on our girls.

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