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Sidebar: When I first watched the episode, the above scene frustrated me. All I could think is, "Why haven't these two been worried about Bonnie?" Seriously. Why didn't they rush out to look for her as soon as all the wooden buckshot was out of Stefan, rather than having their (admittedly beautiful) heart-to-heart? I guess, since Damon got the heads up from Bonnie, before Elena started digging the wood out of Stefan, that maybe Elena got a text too, but it's never shown or referenced. I love the breakneck pace of this show, but sometimes, like now, the story suffers for it, because when I was watching the first time, it bothered me that Elena and Stefan weren't at least talking about finding Bonnie. While I appreciate that the show seldom writes down to the audience, I think it could stop for a breath, every now and again.

Anyhow, when Stefan drives off, leaving Elena (alone, in the dark, again), we cut to Bonnie and Abby. The hybrid is long gone. The first thing Bonnie says is, "Elena's on her way." And she has a spare set of keys to your car, Bon? Sorry. Continue. "Jamie's safe. He's a little bruised, but he's safe." Bonnie can't believe Abby would go so far for this young man who isn't even her family. Abby: "He is my family, Bonnie. I know that might be hard for you to hear, but he is, but that doesn't mean that I don't care about you. I want to help you." Bonnie says, "You can't. You don't have magic, and I don't trust you." Good choice, honey. Kat Graham deserves a standing ovation for her work in this episode.

Abby confesses that when she put MtVVS down, her magic didn't disappear all at once. It drifted away. The longer she stayed away from her daughter, the weaker she got. "I think nature was punishing me for abandoning you." She thinks Bonnie can help her get her magic back. She doesn't want it any more, but if it's what Bonnie wants, she will do it for her. So, Abby? You stayed away from your daughter so you wouldn't have to live as a witch anymore, knowing full well she was (or probably would be) a witch? You left her to deal with this thing you found so terrible, without you? Wow. You totally suck. Yeah, you're trying to help now, but wow.

Gilbert Gables: Alaric brings Meredith back to house and shows her his weapons cache. "You told me your secret. This is mine." When Meredith says, "You're a vampire hunter," Alaric corrects her. "Semi-retired." He doesn't want there to be any secrets between them. She asks how he survived his fatal injuries when he was hit by the truck. "Was it vampire blood?" Alaric says, "That and uh this ring protects me from death at the hands of supernatural beings." Oh Alaric, maybe there should be one or two secrets, or not secrets, just truths you plan to reveal at a later date, particularly since the ring is on the fritz. Meredith touches the ring. "A vampire hunter who can't be killed by vampires. Convenient." She tries to take the ring off Alaric's finger, and she's not delicate about it, either. Alaric stops her. Meredith asks if he's worried she's a supernatural being. Alaric's face is inches from hers. "Well, one can never be too careful." As soon as they start to kiss, Elena walks in. She apologizes, but Meredith says she has to go.

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