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Once they're alone, Alaric sputters out an apology. Elena tells him it's okay. Alaric: "Elena, please, this is not even my place. It's your place. It's Jenna's place. It's your family's place..." Elena stops his awkward, guilt-ridden rambling. "The minute you slept on that couch, it became your place, too. We needed you and...and you stayed, so thank you for that. Hey look. I know it's hard, but Jenna's gone, and you're allowed to move on." Yeah, but I still agree with Damon's assessment that Meredith is a psycho. They don't care what I think. And besides, Elena knows she's talking about her own situation with our beautiful Brothers Salvatore. I can't decide, looking at Alaric's face, whether he senses that, too.

Mossy Manse: Stefan returns home to find Damon standing before the fire. Damon tells Stefan he was only able to get the locked coffin out, before Klaus learned where the coffins were hidden. Stefan says, "Probably a good choice." Damon says, "You know, if you're banking on Bonnie's mama to help you, you're probably screwed. She doesn't have any powers." I wish I could aptly describe Paul Wesley's demeanor in this exchange. Stefan is calm, but his eyes, while not full of tears, are extra shiny. He doesn't quite scowl, but there's tension in his face. His voice is measured, but there's an edge to it. I think Damon feels what's going on, but he's willing to let it lie, if Stefan is. Anyhow, when Damon tells him about Abby's lack of power, Stefan says, "Ah, it doesn't surprise me. It's been that kind of night." He gives a forced, small, fake smile to Damon and turns away from him. Damon asks, "Is Elena okay?" Stefan stops in his tracks. His face says: I wanna. No, don't. Wait. Why the hell not? He turns back around and gives big brother a right hook in the face. Damon isn't knocked all the way down, but he doubles over. As he grabs his left cheek he groans. "Oh, I take it you two had a heart to heart." He straightens up and looks at Stefan. "And I take it you don't want to talk about it. Noted." Damon reaches behind his back and pulls out one of the Original "Killing" Daggers. "So why don't we talk about this?" Stefan looks at it. "What did you do?"

Klaus Haus: The Hybrid of the week (his name is Daniel, which I don't think I mentioned at all, but there you go) wheels the three wooden caskets into the room where Rebekah's metal casket lies. "Well, you've got your family back, finally. Are you gonna open them?" Klaus says, "Not quite yet. I still have some unfinished business to take care of," as he starts to walk out of the room. The hybrid asks, "What business?" Klaus turns to face him. The hybrid's face contorts in pain. He yells as he falls to the floor to reveal ELIJAH, who is holding the hybrid's bleeding heart in his hand. Klaus nearly jumps out of his skin. Elijah savors the moment. "So, Niklaus..." Klaus's voice is a whisper. "Elijah?" Elijah, still holding the heart, takes a couple of steps towards his half-brother. "What did I miss?" I don't know, honey, but we sure missed you. Welcome back. You look a little peaked. You should have some blood, so you're back to your full handsomeness, when the show returns on February 2, 2012.

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