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We Kissed. Now It's Weird

Hey, this is halfway-ish between a weecap and a recap, so I think I win. Yeah? Okay, at least I've placed. Before I go, I want to revisit my speculation that the fourth coffin probably contains the Original Witch. Bonnie's dreams, especially this last one, with her being locked in the coffin and needing another witch to get her out, support this opinion. It's still my favorite, theory. That said, as I mentioned in the recaplet, when I saw Elena's hands covered in blood (after her little Stefan surgery), it took me aback. This is the second time in three episodes, that we've seen Elena with blood on her hands. Is it just a powerful image, or is it foreshadowing. If it's foreshadowing, does it mean Elena will be responsible for an upcoming, important death? Could it be something else? Both times, the blood on Elena's hands have come from a supernatural creature (the hybrid who ran down Alaric, and now Stefan). I'm wondering if this image might be referencing the Original Petrova, rather than Elena, herself. If so, perhaps it is the Original Petrova, who lies in that sealed coffin. I really can't decide. What do you think?

Well, we've got an extra week's wait until the next new episode, but at least it's a week full of Elijah anticipation. Until then, please grade the episode up top and join us in the forum, where we're trying to magically cloak that dagger, to ensure no one ever again sticks it in Elijah's broad chest.

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