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Gilbert Gables: Anna tells Jeremy that a business opportunity (opening a little store) changed Pearl's plans to move. Anna thinks she might give up homeschooling for high school. Jeremy says he wishes she was already there. He's thinking of doing another vampire-themed paper. Anna won't be drawn out that easily, but Jeremy really works it. "I want to understand why people were labeled vampires back in the day. Maybe is such a thing as vampires; they're just different from the way we always thought they were. [...] Maybe they're normal and good -- just outsiders -- misunderstood. [...] Don't you think it could be possible. You gave me all that info." Anna says, "Jeremy, I made it up, okay? You were all cute and floppy [not fluffy, closed captioners] and I wanted to make a good impression." Yes, because nothing impresses like being a quirky home-scholar who is convinced there are monsters under the bed.

Grill: While the girls are in the restroom, Matt and Stefan get a chance to bond at the billiard table. When Stefan makes a shot, Matt asks if there's anything he's not good at. Stefan laughs. "Double dating." He then goes on to explain he usually keeps to himself and doesn't always fit in. Matt grins as he sets up his next shot. "That's because you're that guy." Stefan: "What guy?" Matt: "The guy who seems like he has everything, so people that don't kind of run the other way." Stefan wonders if that's what he seems like. Matt says, "Pretty much." Stefan: "Hmmmm. What a dick." Matt laughs. "Yeah." Stefan. "Ah." Heee. That was really adorable and thoroughly well played.

Restroom: Caroline asks Elena what she thinks she's doing, by hopscotching down memory lane with Matt, rather than showing how much she cares about Stefan. Elena says she's just trying to make conversation. Caroline's lip curls. "Try less." She swoops out of the bathroom, leaving Elena to chase after to her. Elena is interrupted, however, by Fred. He's sitting at the bar, and when she starts to walk by, he stands and gets in her way. "Katherine?" Elena handles this surprise pretty well. "I'm sorry. You have the wrong person." Caroline calls out for her, as Fred backs down. "My mistake." Neither Stefan nor Damon hear any of this with their bionic ears.

Back at the pool table, Elena asks Stefan how everything's going. "Matt's cheating." Matt laughs. "No need; I'm awesome." Over at the bar, Fred points out Stefan Salvatore to Bethanne. Back at the double date, Stefan knows something is up. Even though neither Damon nor Stefan seem to be using their ears tonight, Elena remembers this vampire power, so rather than tell Stefan, she types a text message on her phone, and shows it to him. "That man over there just called me Katherine." By the time Stefan turns his head, Fred and Bethanne are gone. Commercial.

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