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Lie To Me

We cut to the quarry. Stefan and Elena are lying on a blanket next to the water, so clearly this is one of Stefan's drowning fantasies. He admits as much and his conversation with Dream Elena isn't worth transcribing. She starts coughing up water, and we cut to a shot of Stefan, still in that safe underwater and manufacturing bubbles out of thin air... less. We cut to...

Whitmore College. The students are memorializing Dead Roomie Megan out on the quad. Inside, Elena arrives at her dorm, where Caroline is packing up Megan's stuff. She pisses about college kids being so dramatic. They're crying over someone who was on campus for a day. Elena says, "Caroline, she's dead. You can stop competing with her." Caroline apologizes and admits she's in a mood. Get in line, sister. When Elena asks about Tyler, Caroline confesses that he's deferring enrollment and deferring from returning her calls, " I'm deferring from having sex with him ever again." Elena exposits even more about Megan consuming vervain, getting offed by a vampire and the fact that there was a picture of Megan and Elena's bio uncle/adoptive dad, Grayson Gilbert, on Megan's cell phone. I hope the Exposition Fairy got more than scale for this episode.

The point of this scene is that Elena got a copy of Megan's death certificate. It's way too soon for that, but whatever. The point of this is that the doctor who falsified Megan's cause of death is one Dr. Wesley Maxfield, who, conveniently enough, is an Applied Bio professor at Whitmore. Elena has switched herself and Caroline into his course. I realize she has vampire speed and the power of compulsion now, but isn't this a little too much? The morning after Megan's death, Elena has gotten the death certificate and switched herself and Caroline into this class? Ugh. Caroline's not happy about it, either. She wants to spend freshman year getting drunk and making bad decisions about boys. "I was supposed to be a drama major." Elena -- who left her dorm door open in the first place -- is a little too loud when she reminds Caroline they don't want to be exposed as vampires. Instead of shutting the door, she simply lowers her voice and continues. They need to infiltrate whatever secret society is at work at Whitmore (covering up vampire attacks and the like) just like Damon infiltrated the Founders Council, back home. It's not horrible as plans go, but I suspect our gruesome twosome will somehow botch it.

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