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Lie To Me

We cut to the quarry. Damon wants Liz to have it dredged so they can find Stefan. Liz can't devote that many resources when they're not even sure Stefan is there. Damon feels guilty that while he was playing house with Elena all summer, when his brother might have been repeatedly drowning. Liz says she'll put some deputies on the case. Since she has nothing else useful to add, she walks out of view and Damon's phone rings. It's Jeremy who reports that Matt found Katherine. Damon: "Huh. How shockingly useful." We cut to Matt's truck, where Katherine is bitter, but compliant enough as Matt binds her hands. Jeremy tells Damon that he and Matt think Stylus has compelled himself some accomplices. Damon: "How exactly did the Gilbert-Donovan Brain Trust put that together?" Oh, I don't know, Damon. Since you accidentally (but correctly) guessed that Stylus ditched Stefan in the quarry, you might not want to call attention to that.

He tells Jeremy to keep Katherine out of sight. If Stylus wants her this bad, she must be even more valuable to them. This makes no sense. Last week (i.e. last night, in his world) Damon was ready to turn over Katherine in exchange for Stefan. Now he's keeping her out of sight? When the phone call ends, Jeremy and Katherine snark at each other, but it's just more exposition and I'm trying not to leave you numb, so let's rinse and spit again. Oh wait, I was too slow. Matt exposits about how he and Jeremy got Kiki some clothes, which is good I guess, but it just brings up more questions. These two strapping young men wisely fear her enough to tie her up, but they let her get changed? What's more, they let her get changed and she didn't take the opportunity to run. Granted, I think I know more about Elena, than Katherine, but I think I know Katherine well enough to say she'd gladly streak through the woods, if it meant a clean getaway. At any rate, Katherine understands why the guys are keeping her. "I get it. I'm the leverage. I'm that thing that everyone wants. I'm the freaking moonstone." Her distress is delicious, I must admit. I also have to admit I never consciously think that Katherine is played by the same actress who plays Elena. Well done, Dobrev.

Whitmore College. Class. Caroline and Elena run into Jesse in the Applied Biology class. He teases Caroline about being a blow-off girl, and then wonders how two freshmen are in an upper level course. Don't fret, Jesse. There are only two reasons they're there. The first is compulsion. If you don't understand about that yet, I'm sure you'll experience it before season's end. The second reason is that they need to have the typical scene where the professor immediately identifies them as freshmen, calls them out for whispering, embarrasses them, then makes a scene and throws them out of his class. Buffy did it better, with her "I didn't mean to suck" scene, yes? And through it all, the girls learned nothing about Dr. Maxfield (Rick Cosnett) that matters one whit to their investigation of the Whitmore secret society. They didn't have to transfer to find out he's cute. They could have just stopped by his office. Sheesh.

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