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Lie To Me

Elena calls Damon and tells him about how Maxfield mortified them. Damon offers to beat him up and then scolds her for failing to use compulsion, violence or torture (which is violence, right) against the probably not-good doctor. When Elena laughs, Damon says, "You do realize you're dating a reformed serial killer, right?" When Elena asks him how a hero would handle things, Damon says he has no idea, but you can tell he's all chuffed by even hearing the word "hero." Then Elena says, "Stefan" because she sees Stylus walking toward her, but Damon thinks she's asking what Stefan would do. I'm surprised Caroline hasn't made Damon and Elena matching WWSD bracelets. Elena clarifies that Stefan is right in front of her. Stylus compels her to hang up before Damon can warn her that she's facing off with Stylus or that Silas even looks just like Stefan. Commercial.

When Stylus apologizes for not calling all summer, Elena gives him a big hug and confesses she thought something terrible happened to him. He says it did. "You fell in love with my brother." Paul Wesley seems to be having a great time in this role, and his joy makes it far easier to watch than I thought it was going to be. He makes sure Elena knows Damon already saw him, and that Jeremy got expelled. Elena is furious and wants to know where Jeremy is. Stylus was hoping she could tell him.

We cut to a gas station. Jeremy gasses up the truck while Matt goes into the store to get Katherine some medicine. "Hurry. My throat is really scratchy, and my head hurts, like right here. And when I cough, it's green." Thanks for sharing, Kiki. They let Katherine go to the ladies room. When she exits, she tries to bolt. The clerk is one of Silas's compelled new friends. He wonders aloud if he's just seen Elena or Katherine and starts to make a call. Matt grabs the phone out of his hands and throws it to the floor, but it's only the shop's landline. Matt's no monster. He shouts a warning to Jeremy, who takes off after Katherine. The clerk grabs a shotgun (or possibly a rifle -- it's a long gun, anyhow) from under the counter. Matt grabs the business end of it and shoves the butt end into the clerk's head, and then hits him again for good measure. Jeremy catches Katherine and we cut to...

Whitmore College. Damon enters Elena and Caroline's room without knocking. Caroline's only wearing a towel, so she hollers at him. Damon is unimpressed. He wants to know where Elena is. Caroline figures she went to the bonfire (Jesse told them about it, back in class) to get more intel on Dr. Maxfield. Damon tells Caroline that Silas is there, pretending to be Stefan. Caroline tells him that all summer, Elena has had this bad feeling that something was wrong with Stefan. Damon tells Caroline to get dressed and meet him outside, so they can search for Elena.

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