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Lie To Me

Outside, Stylus tells Elena that Jeremy still isn't answering his phone. He says he's going to hold onto her phone, in case Jeremy tries to call. Because Elena is under his thrall, she doesn't think about Stefan's track record with her cell phone. Stylus makes sure to sow more seeds of discord between Elena and Damon. He then gets a text on his own phone, I presume, that informs him Jeremy was spotted on Route 9. Stylus asks Elena if she knows where Jeremy might be headed. She mentions a campsite they used to visit when they were kids, which seems weird since they have that gorgeous lake house. The music intensifies as Damon wanders through the crowd. He turns when he hears Stylus say, "Hello, brother... but I suppose distant nephew is probably more accurate." Oh, I was hoping Silas had a kid and established his own bloodline, before he became the original Original." Elena's gone now, so Damon throttles Stylus and asks where she is. Stylus says he'll eventually find her and then plays upon Damon's relationship insecurities. "...what I don't get is why she likes you." Damon smiles. "That's because you haven't had sex with me." Stylus picks around in Damon's brain a little more, but Damon ignores his digs and says he knows Stylus didn't come all this way just to talk to Elena. Stylus says, "No, but if I told you what I did, it would ruin the fun. Enjoy the bonfire, Damon." Commercial.

It's dark and the fire is blazing when Caroline and Damon meet up. He must have filled her in on everything during the break, because she chides him about how this situation could have been avoided had Damon just told them the truth about Stylus and Stefan in the first place. Sheesh. It's been one day. Damon gets into it with a male student. He throttles the guy, but Caroline breaks it up and compels the victim to forget what happened. Damon's on edge, because he thinks it's possible Silas has compelled everyone at Whitmore into his service.

Elena is downing a beer at the keg when she runs into Jesse. When he's taken aback at how fast she's chugging, she says, "Boyfriend drama." Since he watched her get kicked out of class, Jesse says today isn't her day. Speaking of that, Elena asks what the doctor's deal is. Jesse says, "Doctor Dickfield?" Jesse says if she helps him get some more firewood, he'll tell her everything she needs to know. In a supply shed, Jesse says Maxfield is a jerk, but he's also brilliant. "There's a rumor that he's part of this secret society on campus. [...] All I know is that a few times a week, they supposedly meet at Whitmore House." Now, we all know Dr. Gilbert attended Whitmore. Liz made a big show of mentioning that, last week. We know Dr. Gilbert was active in the Mystic Falls Founders Council. We know that Campus Security was dishonest about Megan's death, even before her corpse was cold. We know the death certificate has been falsified. Clearly, there's an anti-vampire council of sorts at Whitmore and it was probably set up by Grayson Gilbert… or at least he was a part of it while he was there. The thing is, none of this is really new information, except that Jesse spoke the words, "Secret society." I'm about ready to rinse and spit, when Damon saves me from myself by zooping in and knocking out Jesse. Caroline, who has barely given Jesse the time of day, objects and says she likes him (i.e. Jesse). We cut to the...

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