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Lie To Me

Campsite. When Katherine isn't posturing about her former glory as a vampire, she's moping by the fire. Matt's had enough so he goes off in search of more firewood. Katherine gives herself a pep talk about how much she survived during the 500 years she was fleeing Klaus (giving birth, losing her family, blah blee bloo). Her voice turns tearful as she says, "You can understand why I'm a little upset that I'm on the verge of being defeated by a sinus infection." Been there, done that, Kiki. I was much braver during labor than I've ever been when afflicted with a sinus infection. Of course, labor holds the promise of a beautiful baby. A sinus infection only promises pain, snot and that bad taste in your mouth. I guess, because she looks so much like Elena, Jeremy has a soft spot for Kiki. He gives her a warm look and then wraps a blanket around her shoulders. Katherine is not unmoved. We cut further into the...

Woods. Stylus confronts Matt and compels him. "Not a word out of you. You can't talk. You can't scream." Matt takes a moment, then smiles. "Yeah actually, I can." Raising his voice, he hollers, "Jeremy, run!" Stylus is confounded by the fact that he can't get in Matt's head. We're treated to flashbacks of Nadia and Gregor casting that spell over Matt that turned his eyes black. Stylus handily exposits that someone is already in Matt's head. "Why are you watching me, Traveler?" He means Rom. When Matt or the spirit within him, refuses to answer, Stylus snaps Matt's neck. Jerk.

The camera focuses on Matt's still form for a moment, then he gasps and wakes, but it's just his spirit that's awake. He rises, looks around and finally spots Jeremy and Katherine running right by him, but they don't see him. Bonnie's ghost arrives on the scene to explain that he's temporarily on the Other Side, courtesy of the Gilbert ring. There's more exposition about how each time someone dies wearing the Gilbert ring, their spirit wakes further and further from their body. They have to reconnect with their body, before they can come back to life. It's not bad as mythology goes. Matt wants to know why Bonnie can see him on the other side. Tearfully, Bonnie prepares to confess she's been dead for months and none of these tools have suspected it yet, but not just yet. Right now it's time to cut to the...

Dorm. Damon starts to explain his lies, but Elena says that can wait. She shoves him into a chair, straddles him and starts making out with him. She strips off his shirt and Damon tries to get her to stop so they can talk. Elena grabs a bottle of Megan's "protein" water and pours it down his throat. The vervain makes Damon choke and sizzle. When he coughs up the poisonous brew, it spills down his nekkid chest and burns him. Before he can recover, Elena binds him to the chair with some shirts. Damon, why aren't you taking small doses of vervain on the regular. You people drive me crazy. He doesn't listen. Instead of freeing himself (I mean, I'm sorry, but how well can you tie someone to a chair, using only random articles of clothing), he moans that Silas must have gotten into Elena's head, then asks, "What did Stefan tell you to do." Elena says, "Get you alone, weaken you and then kill you." She snaps a hockey stick into a makeshift stake. Commercial.

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