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Lie To Me

Another part of the woods. Jeremy finds Matt's body. As he bends down next to it, Stylus appears and says, "Now, if my best friend died, I'd at least pretend to cry..." I don't know why I'm quoting this. You know what comes next. Stylus sees that Jeremy is looking at the Gilbert ring and figures out it must protect Matt. Jeremy knows Stylus can't get inside his head and rubs in that fact. Stylus says that when he can read someone's mind, they're useful to him. "Now, I'm just gonna kill you." Jeremy says he can try. "But none of your abilities work on me, so right now you're nothing. Slower than a vampire. Weaker than a vampire. I, on the other hand, am a hunter." He picks up Matt's hatchet and rises. "Plus, I work out." Yeah you do, buddy. Jeremy throws the hatchet at Silas, but Silas easily dodges it. While he's off balance, Jeremy charges at him and pushes him into a tree. Commercial.

Silas and Jeremy fight. Jeremy gets Silas in a headlock, but Silas rips a branch off a tree and shoves it through his own chest and into Jeremy's. "You might be stronger than me, but you're forgetting that I am immortal." Silas pulls out the stake and Jeremy slumps to the ground. Next, he grabs the hatchet. He's about to throw it at the still fallen Jeremy, when he's stopped. Armed with Matt's rifle, it's none other than Katherine to the rescue. She shoots Stylus a second time and we cut to the...

Dorm. Damon must have told Elena that Bonnie's father is dead. They bicker about what should be more important to Damon -- Interim Dad's death or Jeremy's troubles or the Katherine situation. Elena says, "I just left. What the hell is wrong with you?" I don't know why, but that cracks me up. Damon tries to talk her down so she can disarm the trigger, but the fact that Damon has Jeremy trying to save Katherine has her outraged. Next she turns tearful as she imagines how Stefan has been suffering for months, "...while I've been rolling around with you." Damon is wincing, even before Elena calls him "A self-proclaimed serial killer." Oh honey, they both are. As Elena's rage rises, she pulls some sort of something in the fireplace. We hear a telltale hiss, and Damon reminds her she's pulling on the gas thingamajig. He tells her she doesn't really want to kill him and she has to realize it to break the compulsion. He tells her to focus on something more important than killing him or she'll kill them both. She grabs a box of matches and fails spectacularly at trying to light them, but a light bulb appears over Damon's head and he finally says the magic word. "Stefan." He tells her what Caroline told him about how Elena worried about him all summer. At first Elena resists, but Damon talks her into telling him the feelings she's getting about Stefan. She describes the chill she gets and says it's like she can feel Stefan and that he's trying to reach out to him. She knows he's scared, lonely and in a lot of pain. "We have to find him." Damon swears they will. Finally, her rage is gone. Elena drops the matches. Caroline walks in a gets a good look at the scene before her. "I think we need to set some ground rules for when boyfriends come to visit." Ha.

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