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Back inside, Tyler apologizes to his father for his behavior. "I don't know what happened. I was drinking and lost control. I can't explain it." Yeah, it's really not fair that alcohol calms vampires but incites werewolves. The Mayor is all: this is the last time you embarrass the family and then hits the kid. Even though he's abusive, you think he'd have the control to wait until they were entirely alone. I guess the full moon is getting to him, too.

Donovan Domicile: Matt tells Kelly to pack up and hit the road. He has had it with her behavior. Over at, Lucia (whom I love) objects to the fact that it is Kelly's sexuality that prompts Matt to kick her out, but I don't. I don't know a 17-year-old boy that could deal with finding his mother and his best friend drunkenly making out at a party. Throw in his upbringing, and I refuse to expect him to be some perfect young man who, in the wake of his sister's death, is able to hold a healthy, supportive intervention with his mess of a mom. Lucia points out that Tyler accepts his father's wandering eye, but that's a different situation. Show me a girl who would be all right with Daddy making out with her best friend, and then we'll talk. Anyhow, Kelly tries her best to apologize, but even she knows how lame the repeated excuses are. Still, she promises to get her act together. Matt ain't buying it. "I want you out of the house, and my life, by morning." Here's a tip, Kelly. If you want to get it together, start acting like the parent and tell your son that although his anger is justified, you will not be thrown out of the house by your own child.

Back at the party, Damon and Alaric follow Uncle Snark outside. Snark already knows who Alaric is, and that he has a secret. When Damon points out how much Jon knows, Jon says, "My knowledge of this town goes beyond anything that you or you, or the Council, knows. So, if you were planning on some high speed snatch ring/vamp kill move, know that if I die, everything I know goes to the Council." Details about how the original Salvatore brothers are the current-day Salvatore brothers will be included. Alaric, who must get tired of all these melodramatic guys, cuts to the chase and asks Snark where he got his ring. Jon says he inherited one, and his brother got the other. He then holds up his bling for their inspection. "This was his. Although I wouldn't have given mine to Isobel, had I known that she would hand it over to another guy." Holy crap, is he Elena's other biological contributor? And, did he steal Gray's ring before his death? I mean, there was nothing magical about the way Damon "killed" Jon, right? Maybe Grayson is dead because of him. If her uncle is her father, is Elena her own grandpa? Anyhow, Damon is stunned to learn that Jon knew Isobel. Snark: "Who did you think sent her your way when she wanted to become a vampire? [...] Katherine Pierce?" Damon demands to know how Jon knows about Katherine. "How do I know anything, Damon?" Hee. Damon asks Jon what he wants. Jon's not in a sharing mood, so much as taunting one. He turns his attention to Alaric and tells him it was a pleasure meeting him. "I've heard so much about you." Meeeeow.

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