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This Is A Story About Control -- My Control

Only Jeremy seems unaware of the palpable tension between Jenna and Jon. When Elena and bro leave, Uncle Sark gets down to business. He came like he said he would, which Jenna finds surprising, although not pleasantly so. When Jon asks if she could at least pretend to be glad to see him, her eyes light up; her color, brow and voice rise. "Oh my God, Jon. It's so good to see you..." We'll give her a beat and... "No. I can't." Hee. Jon is in town to keep Jenna from selling Grayson's office building to Pearl. Elena and Jeremy may own it, but Uncle Sark is the trustee, and my but he loves his mighty, mighty power. Sick Pearl on him, Jenna. Oh wait, you can't, because your nearest and dearest know the town is infested with vampires, but haven't bothered to tell you, yet. Riiiiiight.

MFHS Corridor: Elena tells Matt that Uncle Jon's back in town. Matt says plainly that he never liked him. Well, that's enough for me, then. The conversation turns to Vicki's funeral. Matt thanks Elena for all her support during that trying time. They embrace and it's a good thing Caroline's at her dad's house, and not just so she didn't see the look on Matt's face during that hug. It seems Kelly was going to strangle her if she baked them one more lasagna. Huh. Caroline doesn't look like she helps in the kitchen, but (somewhat) unrequited love is a powerful drug.

Outside in the substance abuse play yard, Ty offers Germ a joint. When Jeremy declines, Tyler seems surprised, but these two actually talk to one another like humans, and their conversation turns to the one thing they know they have in common: Vicki. Jeremy is having trouble buying that she overdosed, and he really can't suss out why she was buried in the woods. Tyler figures that whoever she was with dug her grave. The Germ, however, is just creepy enough to point out how unlikely that is. "Yeah, but you leave her there. You don't bury her." Ew. Ty struggles for an explanation. "Maybe she saw something and... hell, man, I don't know." Tyler, that's because, like your unlikely new friend, you have been the victim of vampyric compulsion.

Founders Hall: Damon arrives at a meeting of the Council. She's-the-Sheriff, Liz Forbes, announces that Vicki's death will be ruled an overdose, and then the Mayor takes center stage and asks Uncle Sark to make his report to the group. Liz explains that new-guy is Elena's Uncle, Jon Gilbert, "But I call him Jackass." Awesome. I'm going to try that for a while. Jon tells the Council about blood bank thefts and a rash of missing persons in surrounding towns. "You think all your problems are over, but... nothing has been solved." Damon tries to hide all the bricks he just shit.

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