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This Is A Story About Control -- My Control

It's then that Elena turns her attention to her boyfriend. As she rubs his shoulders, she asks how he's doing. Stefan admits he's still a little on edge, but promises he'll be okay. Elena says she's been worried about him, and worse, she's missed him. Stefan says he just needed some downtime while his system readjusts to his strict diet. "It's only been a few days." Elena says, "It feels like a lifetime." Stefan has missed her, too. They start to kiss, but things get hot and heavy, and a little rough, quite quickly. When Stefan vamps out, I don't know if she's more shocked or he is. But he throws himself backwards (and vampire strength or not, the physics of that stunt just defy... physics), into the wall, taking out a lamp on his way. Downstairs, Jenna, the world's most crap guardian, hears nothing. Okay, they don't show Jenna. But seriously, you're up in your room with your boyfriend, and your aunt, uncle and brother are right downstairs and there's big-ass crash, but they don't run up to see what's going on? C'mon. Commercial.

Later, Damon arrives at Gilbert Gables. Elena is glad to see him. Damon smiles, "You ask. I come. I'm easy like that." And very, very dirty. Jeremy's out in the kitchen, ignoring them, so when Elena silently indicates for Damon to follow her upstairs, he makes it a point to project his voice. "No. Elena. I will not go up to your bedroom with you!" Jeremy rolls his eyes. I wonder if he thinks of Elena as "their" girlfriend, too. Once they're alone in her room, Damon rubs in the fact that he remembers her room, but Elena doesn't take the bait, so Damon grabs her teddy bear and plops on her bed. Over at, Lucia says, "And a million avatars were born." That's right, LiveJournal, she's looking at you (and you can e-mail me one at Cynthia.McLennan[at] You can imagine Elena's thrill as Damon catches her up on Uncle Snark's visit with the Founders Council. But when he spots the broken lamp, and other damage caused by Stefan's aerodynamically incorrect stunt, Elena refuses to come clean with him. She does admit though, that she's concerned because Stefan just isn't himself. Damon rises from her bed and makes his way to her bureau. He opens the top drawer and takes out a candy-striped bra, and fondles it as he points out that actually, Stefan has spent a long time not being himself." Elena grabs the bra from him, returns it to its spot and shuts the drawer. In the mirror, we see Damon's delighted, yet sheepish expression. It's all she paid attention to me, Me, ME!

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