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This Is A Story About Control -- My Control

Damon is a fatalist about his brother. "The Stefan you know is good-behavior Stefan. Rein-it-in Stefan. Fight-against-his-nature Stefan. But if you think there's not another part to this, you haven't been paying attention." Elena: "He's not you, not even close." Damon admits Stefan doesn't want to be him, but, "that doesn't mean that deep down, he's not." I'm saying.

Mossy Manse: Stefan rifles through his endless collection of books, and paces. Finally, he approaches the bar and knocks back some hooch to take the edge off. Because there are drinking problems and drinking problems, see?

Gilbert Gables: Elena ask Jeremy if they can talk, but not there. We cut to them walking in the woods, the conversation just coming to a close. "I just can't believe Mom and Dad never told you that you were adopted." They agree that it's weird, but regardless of blood, they're brother and sister, so they should probably put their surprising chemistry in check. Just saying. [I totally thought that too! -- Angel] Elena then changes the subject to Jeremy's history paper. She tries to tease information out of him, like how he came up with his angle, but Jeremy never mentions Anna, or anything close to the truth. "Maybe I'm just as nuts as the long line of Gilbert crazies." Okay, that part's true. Elena disagrees with me, saying the Gilberts aren't crazy. Jeremy smirks. "Easy for you to say." A beat. "You're not one." Elena says, "Ouch," but totally takes it as intended, and nudges her brother playfully.

Founders Kick-Off Party: I'm dropping the "Day" because cripes, we've been at these Founders' Festivities for over six months. I'm leaving "Kick-Off" there, only so we can discern one party from the next (and, of course, so you can mock it). While there's no place Damon would rather be, Stefan would rather be anywhere but. "I liked you better when you hated everybody." Damon smiles at that as he surveys the crowd. "I still do. I just love that they love me!" Hee. Damon then needles his obviously uncomfortable brother about cravings and urges. He adds "Is the whisky you've been drinking all day doing it's job?" so we'll be prepared when this stone-cold-sober Stefan appears three sheets to the wind, five minutes from now. Damon also gives Stefan a little dose of truth. "We are who we are... Pretending doesn't change that." Stefan cripes that nothing would make Damon happier than to see him give in. Since Damon just thinks it's inevitable, there's nothing more for them to discuss, and Stefan takes off to find Elena. Damon calls after him, "Don't embarrass me, young man."

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