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This Is A Story About Control -- My Control

Stefan grabs someone else's drink, disposes of the swizzle stick and swills it down. Meanwhile, Mayor Lockwood and Ty are speaking privately with Kelly and Matt. It seems that if your kid dies, you get a special invite to Founders Events and one-on-one time with the Big Dawg. Kelly, Matt and I are not impressed. Once it's over, Kelly stalks off in search of a drink. She should have stayed with Matt, because once his father is off to schmooze, Ty returns with an entire bottle. Matt warns Tyler that his father will beat him down. Matt has a sudden change of heart and starts chugging. This ought to be good.

Elena finds Stefan... drunk. He explains about booze taking the edge off and tells her to enjoy his inebriation while it lasts, pointing out that drunk Stefan doesn't have to be brow-beaten into dancing. The problem is, nobody else is dancing and the music is very, grown up party mellow. Stefan goes off to get the DJ to change things up. Kelly tells Elena it's futile. Carol Lockwood (who isn't on camera this week) has issued her mellow-sound stylings edict and that's that. The DJ wouldn't budge, even with the promise of a $20.00 bribe and a "date." Oh, so skanky. Of course Stefan lays the thrall on the guy, and the jam -- she is pumped up. Kelly heads to the dance floor. Stefan follows and takes her for a whirl. This is all contrived to give Damon a little alone time with their girlfriend. "Have I entered an alternate universe where Stefan is fun?" Elena just wants to know if Stefan's going to be okay. Damon: "Eventually.... One way or another." Eek.

Elena is talking to her Aunt Jenna when Alaric approaches. Jenna asks how she looks. Elena says, "Beautiful," in such a sweet, sincere way. Once Alaric walks up to the ladies, they dance around the subject of not having seen each other for a while, and then he asks her if she wants to go get a drink, leaving Elena alone when Matt -- who is a pickled little Pudding Pop, walks up and asks her to dance.

Elsewhere, Damon runs into She's-the-Sheriff, but she's not the Sheriff, tonight. She's all dolled up and her hair looks fabulous. I wonder if her gay ex-husband helped her get ready. Damon pronounces the look smashing, and Liz is truly touched. She then talks ragtime, about how she had her doubts at first, but he won her over, just like everyone else on the Council. I say "ragtime" because he won her over first. Oh sure, she did have doubts but that all was just weird, wasn't it? Damon thanks her and makes a big deal about how wonderful it is to be feeling at home back in Mystic Falls, so Liz has to spoil the mood. She tells him Uncle Snark's intel was good. "The blood banks. The missing people. All of it is true. We might have a problem." Before they can get deeper into conversation, Jeremy approaches and asks for an update on the Vicki Donovan case. Liz is like she ODed. What else you want? Jeremy points out that it's likely she didn't bury herself. Liz snaps back into Sheriff-mode. "The investigation is ongoing, but there's nothing more I can tell you at this time."

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