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Elena finds Jeremy sitting alone and brings up the conversation he had with Liz about Vicki being buried. She's trying to pump him for more information, but she gives away more than she gets. Jeremy can tell she thinks/knows something else happened to Vicki, too. He's annoyed that his sister is ready to accept the easy explanation. "Is there something you're not telling me? Why aren't you looking at me?" Elena's lame denials only confirm she's covering up something. And just like that, the walls between them are rebuilt.

Kelly and Tyler are in some sort of sunroom, or maybe it's the veranda. I can't make head or tails of the layout of this house. She confesses that she can't allow herself to think about Vicki. Tyler knows exactly how she feels and confesses to Ms. Donovan that he was "a dick" to her late daughter. "That's what I hate. I can't make any of it right. It's like I don't deserve to miss her." Kelly grabs his lapel as she tells him she appreciates being able to talk to him -- and that she doesn't have anyone else. Tyler: "I don't have anyone to talk to, either." Oh man, I can't look. Thankfully, we cut to..

Matt and Elena. He wonders if he should feel guilty about enjoying himself so soon after Vicki's death, because Vicki was the very soul of propriety. Ahem. Elena gives him permission to have some desperately needed fun. And so he hugs her. And hugs her. And blushes. And then chokes out that he needs some air. He asks her to accompany him. When they get to the veranda (I'm going with veranda, okay) what do they see but Matt's mom and his sometimes best friend -- making out. Poor Pickled Pudding Pop doesn't have the stomach for this. He charges at Tyler. And since Tyler is a werewolf, and there's a full moon hothead, he doesn't just fend off the attack and walk away with his tail between his legs. Oh no, he beats the pudding out of Matt. Bad Tyler. No biscuit. Finally, Elena's calls for help are answered by Alaric. He pulls off Ty and says, "What was that? The Mayor notices the crowd gathering round and comes to his son's side, sends him off, and tells everyone to go back inside and enjoy the party.

Inside, finds Stefan and asks him if he wants the bad news, or the really bad news. Stefan would like to avoid all news, but Damon won't let me. "Do you want to hear about how the Council's back in vampire mode, or how I just killed Uncle Jon Gilbert?" This cuts through the fog settled around Stefan's head, but only momentarily. Damon doesn't notice Stefan that Stefan stops dead in his tracks as his super hearing picks up a pounding heart beat and stifled cries. He turns to find Kelly, who was knocked over in the fracas, sitting by herself, bleeding. Stefan crouches before her as if in awe. She whines that she's the reason she can't have nice things and blah blah blah guilt-cakes. Stefan, however, can't do anything but stare at the blood dripping off her forehead. He lifts his fingers as if to wipe it, but then he just starts swooshing it around. He goes on long enough that even drunk and humiliated Kelly notices that it's weird. "What are you doing?" Finger painting. Stefan apologizes and takes off, outside. Once alone, he stares at his bloody fingers and then licks them clean.

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