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Back at the party, Damon shits another brick when he spies Uncle Snarks walking back in, as happy as a clam. As the Mayor introduces him to the crowd gathering around, Damon seeks out Alaric, who he seems to consider his new BFF, and asks him to look at Snark's right hand. Alaric sees that Snark is wearing a ring, just like his. Damon: "Yeah, and that would be a big coincidence, if he didn't just come back from the dead, five minutes ago. Where the hell did you get that ring?" Alaric tells him Isobel gave it to him. Damon notes that she gave birth to Elena under the medical care of Snark's late brother, Dr. Grayson Gilbert. Alaric asks Damon if he thinks Isobel and Jon knew one another. Damon says, "I think Jon knows lots of things." I think he knows more than anyone we've met to date.

Back outside, Stefan's trying to get ahold of himself, when he runs into Rude Guy who is now even ruder. Stefan's whammy was awfully specific, and probably weak, since he hadn't had any human blood for a few days, so Rude Guy makes a big deal about how all he can do is apologize. But it's not all he can do. He shoves Stefan, then apologizes. I can't decide if the thrall has worn off, or if Rude Guy knows more, too. At any rate, he's determined to take Stefan down and he's not apologizing for that. He swings, but Stefan grabs his hand and squeezes and bends it, until the guy is on the ground writhing in pain. When he sees Stefan has vamped out, he sobs, "What are you, man?" I hope that little lick of Kelly's blood provides Stefan with adequate compulsion power, otherwise this guy is going to be a problem.

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy arrives home to an empty house and flies up to his sister's room. He rifles through the same drawer Damon chose, but thank goodness, he does not fondle his sister's bra. Instead, he searches the room until he finds her diary, hidden behind that painting of a horse that hangs over her bed. The one time we could have used a diary-Ahhhhh voice-over, we don't get it. Instead, the camera pans over various phrases: how can I deny it; bodies drained of blood; protect my brother; take away Jeremy's pain; Vicki was a monster. Assume Jeremy knows everything, now.

Party; Exterior: Elena is looking for Stefan, but he whooshes away as soon he spots her. She finds Rude Guy, still lying on the ground. He says he's hurt his arm. "I lost my balance and fell. I'm clumsy." Heh. Struggling Stefan has an evil sense of justice-tinged humor when compelling his victims.

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