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Your Diabolical Plan: The Sequel
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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries: For over a century, vampire Stefan Salvatore has lived in shadows, but he must know Elena Gilbert, so he takes a flying leap into the sunshine of her love. Elena is a dead ringer for Katherine -- the woman who sired both Stefan and his brother, Damon. Stefan says their love for Katherine wasn't real -- just a product of her vampyric thrall, but Damon knows he is in twu wuv, and is determined to free her from her mystical prison which lies beneath the old Falls Church ruins. Jeremy meets home-scholar, Anna, and they soon discover they're both researching history recorded in their respective ancestors' journals. Alaric meets Jenna and tells her that he fell in love and married young, but alas, his wife died. Elena wanders Stefan's room after their first time together, if you know what I mean and I think you do, and stumbles upon his portrait of her doppelganger, Katherine. She leaves her Vervain necklace lying atop it in a fit of pique and flees Mossy Manse. She runs down a vampire on her way home and flips her car. He puts himself back together again, so we're calling him Humpty Dumpty for now. Just as he's about to move in on poor, trapped Elena, Damon arrives to save the night. Elena confronts Stefan and demands to know why she looks like Katherine. Stefan drops a bomb on her: she's adopted. And some of that is out of order from the "Previously on" sequence as aired, but there you go.

Now: Elena and Stefan made up in the last episode, so we begin this episode with them in deep conversation. Elena wants to know who Humpty Dumpty is. Stefan hasn't a clue, but he does have plenty of Vervain (even though I forgot to send any to Julie Plec to pass out to the rest of the human characters). He says it's for Elena, Jenna, Jeremy (Stefan made him a Vervain bracelet; I think that means they're going steady) and extra for friends. Could it be? Is it too much to hope that poor, abused Caroline will finally get a little bit of this anti-enthrallment herb? I wait with bated breath. Stefan recaps for us that as long as a person either wears or ingests Vervain, that person is free from falling victim to vampyric mind control. He says that since there's another vampire in town, until they know what he wants, they have to be careful. Elena nods solemnly, because like Stefan, she can tolerate Damon, who has been killing people left and right, and has been using Caroline as his butt-monkey since September, but this new guy causing car accidents is a menace.

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