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Your Diabolical Plan: The Sequel

The Grill: Bonnie and Caroline have left the dance for greener pastures. When Caroline realizes Bonnie has her eye on Ben McKittrick, she condescends that he's a "washed up jock who pours drinks for a living." Of course our poor Pudding Pop Matt walks up behind them just in time to hear that -- and of course he's carrying a tub full of empty glasses that were filled by that washed up jock. Matt looks horrified at first, but quickly resigns himself to the situation and walks by Caroline with nary a glance. When she shouts out to him, he keeps going without looking back. He just barely manages to grunt, "What's up?," in a voice as cold as Bonnie's... ladies in a brass bra.

The Dance: Damon is looking longingly at the dancers when Alaric and actually takes notice that an unknown adult is standing there watching minors dance. Oh and of course, that's probably only because recognizes Damon as his wife's killer, but still, at least he noticed. He introduces himself and notes that he's the new history teacher. Damon makes a Harry Potteresque reference to that being the cursed faculty position. Damon introduces himself. Alaric recognizes the surname thanks to Stefan, who hasn't yet shown up in class. Damon says he's Stefan's guardian and brother, but that there's been family drama keeping Stefan out of school. Alaric pumps him for information on where he lives and where he's traveled, and at that last bit, Damon becomes a little more closed-mouth. Alaric gets the hint and makes himself scarce before he completely tips his hand to Damon. From the look on Damon's face as he watches Alaric walk away though, I think he shut up a little too late.

The Grill: Caroline whines that the night was better on paper, so Bonnie tells her to be bold and fearless, and go talk to Matt. Caroline tries to nab Bonnie on her hypocrisy, since she's been "eye-stalking" the bartender all night, but Bonnie calls her bluff. She walks right up to the bar, explains that she's being brave to teach a friend a lesson and asks Ben McKittrick on a date. He's not at all interested in her suggestion of karaoke, but is way interested in going on a date. Bonnie's more than a little thrilled. Back at the table, when Matt walks by without even looking at her, Caroline calls him out. "Seriously?" He pretends to be surprised that she directed that at him, so she asks if he's mad. He makes a show out of being busy. When she accuses him of avoiding her, he says, "No. I have a table to clean. That's the kind of thing that washed-up jocks do to make a living." When he walks away, Caroline dies a little.

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