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Your Diabolical Plan: The Sequel

After the commercial break, Damon and Stefan put all the pieces together and Stefan tells Damon that his offer still stands. He'll help Damon. "No lies. No deception. I'm there when you open that tomb. You and Katherine go. The other 26 vampires die." Damon wonders why he should trust Stefan, and since this is the second time they've driven this home, I'm going to say he shouldn't and probably doesn't. But Stefan's answer remains consistent and believable: "Because I want you gone." Damon looks vulnerable, don't you think, as he looks his brother in the eye. Stefan, on the other hand, looks the current cock o' the walk.

The Grill: Caroline tries to apologize to Matt and differentiate between him and Ben McKittrick, but Matt's not taking her rationalizations. He doesn't want to get into it now, so Caroline asks when he gets off work. He dives right into the talk despite what he just said and says he likes what's going on between them, but knows she wants to take the next step. Caroline calls him on his hubris. "How do you know that? Have you even asked me?" Matt wisely avoids a direct answer but then stupidly answers that he's not over Elena, or at least -- he doesn't know if he is. He's afraid to make their friendship romantic, because it's the only good thing he's got going for him right now, and if he messes things up, he'll just disappoint and hurt her. Caroline's response is particularly forthright, and I think admirable, if bitter. "Well, big problem, Matt. You took the next step all by yourself. You played the whole thing out in your head and you decided to bail without even giving it a shot. So this... really great thing that we have? Don't worry about losing it. 'Cause it's already gone." And with that, she walks off. And we cut to...

Gilbert Gables Front Porch: Jenna thanks Alaric for the evening and seeing her home. They exchange pleasantries and he apologizes for all the wife talk (that she initiated). He says, "It doesn't bode well for dating." Hopeful, Jenna asks if this was a date. Her face falls when Alaric says it definitely wasn't, but she recovers as soon as he proposes a real date on Friday, with dinner, a movie, and everything. She's blushingly amenable and so eager that she assures him he can talk about his wife all he wants. Tch. She knows it takes time to heal and they should just be themselves. Alaric smiles. "But still, I think I'll keep the ISABEL talk to a minimum." I have to interrupt myself to apologize to the show for not thinking there would be a suitable pay-off to this adoption storyline. Really, I'm truly sorry, Show. You surprise me every week. I don't know why I doubted you. Alaric's late wife -- the one DAMON killed -- is Elena's birth mother? Are you freaking kidding me? That's just scrumptious. Love. Love. Love. There's a lot of speculation going on as to whether or not Alaric is her father. At this moment, I'm so gobsmacked I cannot hazard any guess other than that the show will make it work, whether he is or not. Anyhow, the name Isabel is not lost on Jenna, by the way, so she asks Alaric where Isabel was from. Alaric answers that she was from Virginia -- not too far from Mystic Falls. Dun dun dun! We cut to...

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