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Your Diabolical Plan: The Sequel

City Streets: Caroline's walking alone, in the dark, when Matt pulls up in his pick-up and tells her to get in. He calls her "Care" but she ignores him and continues her angry stomp, so he hops out and confronts her. When she tries to cross the street in front of his truck, he stops her with a kiss almost as purposeful as the one Stefan gave Elena at the dance. Finally, he looks at her and smiles. "This will never work." Caroline smiles back at him, and they kiss again, for a good amount of time, until, sadly, we cut to...

Gilbert Gables: Stefan makes Elena some tea and they recap the night. She's surprised to find herself feeling a bit exhilarated. Stefan chalks that up to the adrenaline rush and says she'll soon crash, but I don't know. I think it's the rush of being a female supernatural-drama character -- one who does not have super-powers, and yet has retained some agency. That sentence was a mess, but you know what I mean. Sure, the Salvatores had to swoop into her rescue, but a human male would have required the same assistance. What matters to me is that Elena tried, and because she tried she survived long enough to give them time to find and save her. She fought for her life, and tonight at least, she won. I'm so proud of you, E. She's proud of herself for the same reasons, which makes me even prouder, somehow. Stefan interrupts our girl-power moment to make a confession. He tells her he's promised to help Damon free Katherine. And then, he tells her... IT'S ALL A LIE. He doesn't want to be Damon's enemy, but he can't let him free Katherine. Elena says she'll do whatever it takes to help him, and they settle in for a nice safe snog on the couch. And I believe him 99.99% when he tells Elena that he's telling her about his ruse with Damon because he doesn't want to give Damon ammunition to come between them, but Stefan has been so wonderfully bad-ass in this episode, a teeny bit of me wonders if it's Elena he's fooling, and half of that teeny bit hopes that it is (or that at least, his motives are mixed). I'm sorry. It's the adrenaline, y'all.

Grill; exterior: Anna watches from across the way as Ben McKittrick locks up for the night. After he starts off down the sidewalk, she vamps out and Stealth-Salvatores him. He turns just in time, grabs her, VAMPS OUT TOO, (poor Bonnie) and shoves her against a building. He warns her not to sneak up on him. She tells him, "You love it." He relaxes and asks her where "Noah" is. That's Humpty's name, apparently. She tells him how nobody will be putting Humpty back together this time. Ben calls her on her lack of concern, but she says it was his own fault. She then asks, "How'd you do?" Ben smiles like he's full of himself. "Oh, the witch is totally crushing on me." Oh, no. Poor Bonnie, indeed. Anna admits that although she didn't get the journal, she knows where it is and she will get it. Ben smiles at her, leans in towards her and they kiss, too. This is a kissy night. "Mr. Sandman" plays as Anna smiles in a way that is anything but twee, and they walk off into the dark. Where they belong. (With Spike.)

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