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Your Diabolical Plan: The Sequel

As Elena's walking to her car, her cell phone rings. It's Humpty Dumpty, threatening that next time, she won't get away from him. She jumps in her car and squeals off and into the commercial.

Mossy Manse: Elena whines to Stefan about her newest vampire stalker. "Why me?" Stefan wisely refrains from saying, "Because you look like Katherine, duh," and instead blathers about how "we're" predators and that stalking and hunting is as thrilling as the kill. That's quite a match you've made yourself there, Miss Gilbert. He then gives her the ACTUAL VAMPIRE COMPASS (which he got from Damon, who got it from Scum, who stole it from Germ) and in case we forgot he was a vampire, even though he just reminded us, the camera lingers on it while it whirls and whirs until it's pointing straight at Stefan.

MFHS; exterior: Caroline and Matt are painting decorations for the '50s Decade Dance, and they're painting each other a little too, but not in a full-on body paint way; it's just a little forearm play... I mean art. They giggle and bat their eyelashes at one another, enjoying their "friendship." But the conversation turns serious when Caroline tries to turn attending the dance into a date. Matt can't go. He has to work. As a busboy. You can imagine Princess Caroline's involuntary sneer. "Since when are you a busboy?" Matt gets understandably defensive (although my 11 year old thinks he was "mean") and explains that with his mom only popping in on occasion, he has no choice but to work. He leaves in a huff, but he's still sweet enough that even his huffs are pudding flavored. Caroline looks like she's starving for a taste -- just enough to get the foot-flavor out of her mouth, perhaps.

The Grill: Anna finds Jeremy playing pool and he catches her up on the success of his extra credit essay. She asks if the teacher believed his vampire angle and says vampire like you might... if you were an overly dramatic film vampire. Jeremy laughs it off then tries to give Anna the brush off. She's persistent though, and suggests they hangout later, but Jeremy can't -- part of his probation at school is serving punch at the dance. When she suggests hanging tomorrow instead, Jeremy looks like his brain is stuck -- and I'm chalking that up to the post-Vicki-death mind-wipe that Damon did on him. As far as we know, Damon removed his suffering, right? But love is not all pain; it's joy too. So here's this boy still in love with the woman he doesn't know turned into a vampire -- the vampire he doesn't know he killed. It's not just that he's recently out of a relationship. Since his suffering has been removed, I'm wondering if his ability to fall out of love is broken, or at least a little bent. And on the flip side, if his ability to fall out of love is out of whack, what does that do to his ability to fall in love again? That first rush of love always walks the pleasure/pain line, doesn't it? Unless/until you know your love is not unrequited, it can be as awful as it is awesome; Barney Stinson might deem it awfsome. At any rate, Germ doesn't want what Anna's giving away, so off he goes, leaving her looking like she's drowning in awfsome sauce.

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