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Gilbert Gables: Jenna, who looks adorable in '50s garb, tries to make small talk with Elena, telling her she can continue to use her car for now (Elena's is totaled), and how she's going to help chaperone the '50s dance with Alaric. Elena cuts to the chase. She wants to know about her adoption and why Jenna never told her. Jenna insists Elena's mother was going to tell her, eventually, but she never got the chance on account of dying and all. Elena is, I believe, a junior in high school. Her parents died May 23, 2009 -- so at the tail-end of her sophomore year. When, exactly, were they going to tell her? The people who have been adopted into my family were never *told* they were adopted, because they never didn't know they were adopted. It was always part of the life story their parents told them, just like my kids know when I went into labor with them and yada yada yada.

The only person I knew who had an adoption moment-of-discovery was a girl I went to college with. She was from an extremely conservative family and is one of those people who grew up thinking her grandmother was her mother, and that her mother was her sister. It was a traumatic discovery, to say the least. I'm not really digging this whole Elena-is-adopted angle. As I understand (thanks to my daughter) it wasn't in the books, and I can't see why Katherine can't be related to the Gilbert and/or Sommers families. There'd better be a good pay-off for this, or I'm going to start a complaints file dedicated to the genealogy issues on this show. Oh, can I go more off-track for a moment? Thanks. Several readers wrote in and/or tweeted at me to explain that in some fantasy stories, witchiness is a matrilineal trait and in such families, sometimes the women pass their surnames onto their daughters, and so the whole Emily Bennett/Sheila-Whomever/Bonnie Bennett surname puzzle might be solved as simply as that. Thank you, kind readers. If that's the case here, I hope we get the explanation, soon. All I know about Charmed I learned from watching Demian twitch and shudder in the corner at its mere mention, years after it was "CANCELLED": It is of the Devil and an abomination against God. Sorry. I didn't want to forget that, but we were right in the middle of Elena's adoption story, weren't we? Let's give it a fresh paragraph.

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