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Your Diabolical Plan: The Sequel

The Big Dance: There's some freaky video on in the background, which I think is supposed to provide period atmosphere to the kids, but all I can think of is that kid Karl on Lost, who was being brainwashed in Room 23. That's probably because the final season of Lost premieres Tuesday, February 2nd. Be there, or be found. Anyhow, Caroline's dancing. Bonnie's dancing. Alaric is walking around in a Letterman's jacket, look all impossibly sexy, and when he sees Elena with Stefan and the guy who killed his wife (Damon), he glares and looks even sexier. Then Jenna walks up to bask in the sexiness. You go, girl. When Elena meets up with the girls, Caroline says that the dance (which she was just enjoying the hell out of) isn't very good, but since her look took about two hours, she's staying for at least half that time. She hasn't gotten all of her crankiness out though, because when Bonnie asks Elena what Damon is doing there, Caroline sneers at her. "So what, is this like a threesome, now? You and the Salvatore brothers?" Elena deflects the snark and points out that if she wants to be with Stefan, she's going to have to learn to tolerate his brother. Crappy cover story, Elena, because I think everyone within earshot knows how contemptuous Stefan is of Damon, but your friends seem to buy it, so who am I to judge? Anyhow, when Elena cracks that she can't kill him, Bonnie sighs dreamily. "There's a thought." Caroline agree and they clink their glasses and imagine the possibilities.

Meanwhile, Jenna proves herself to be as crappy at flirting as she is at being a guardian, because here she is with the alarmingly attractive Alaric, asking him about his dead wife. Oh, Jenna. Alaric, for his part, acts like he's not unwilling to talk about it, but he of course doesn't reveal anything about his wife's death other than that he's still searching for answers.

Across the gym, Damon looks around at all the couples dancing and then approaches Bonnie and Caroline and completely ignores Caroline while he asks Bonnie to dance. Bonnie tells him to get lost, but when Damon begs for another chance, Bonnie walks away. Caroline moves in and tells him, "Back off, Damon," and I can't help but think she's hoping for a little acknowledgement, but Damon isn't giving any. Elena and Stefan wander up and wonder what he did to chase off the girls. Damon says he doesn't know what happened. "I was perfectly polite," and it's delicious that no one believes him when he's telling the truth. At any rate, he smiles at his brother's girlfriend. "Elena, would you like to dance." Elena smiles twice as brightly as she says, "I would love to," and then turns to Stefan and says, "May I have this dance." They smile smugly at Damon as they make their way to the dance floor. Humpty Dumpty lurks in the shadows, with his hood up, because that's not at all suspicious at a '50s dance, and we make our way to commercial.

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