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So. I was really pleased with and proud of myself after I wrote that recaplet (see above link). Instead of blowing my wad, I discussed the episode without writing myself into a corner. I left plenty of unsaid things just ripe for full recap picking. I was sitting pretty, so I rested on my laurels. I enjoyed my weekend with my family. I even did some housekeeping. I forgot about Thanksgiving. I forgot about both Thanksgiving and my daughter's birthday. NOTE TO DAUGHTER: I didn't forget that you have a birthday, nor did I forget when it was. When I say 'forgot' what I mean is that I let it sneak up on me. Also, it seems you've forgotten you're grounded from the internet right now, but I remember that, so stop reading this. Anyhow, now I'm scrambling to make deadline, while my mind is more on pie. I really know how to entice you all to read more, right? Shhh. Remember back when this was a weecapped show, but I gave you a full recap, week after week? Think on these things, and forgive me, Readers, for I have sinned. I promise to try to bring in the fun. You ready? Okay!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries, there was a montage. Supernatural creatures have been around for centuries. Elena is one. She needs blood. If she kills someone, she'll crumble. Connor wants to kill all the beasties. Stefan wants to tap into Connor for a vampirism cure. Elena kills Connor. Sadness ensues.

Currently, on The Vampire Diaries. Lying in bed, Elena pants. She tosses. She turns. She is restless. She retreats to the kitchen, where she nukes a cup of tea, or maybe an ill-advised mug of bagged blood. SHE HAS TO DRINK FRESH FROM THE VEIN, DARN IT. It's when she hears the voices that she knows she's crazy. I know you know what I mean. Connor is there, or his ghost, or an illusion, or such. His neck is still bleeding from Elena's bite mark. Elena tries to write him off. She calls for the Germ, and is so insistent that Connor is a ghost that I want her to say, "She thrusts her fists against the posts and still insists she sees the ghosts," but she doesn't, because we're not dealing with a giant spider who doubles as a clown, here. Even though he's a ghost or a hallucination, Connor grabs our girl. I don't like it when ghosts (or hallucinations) can do physical stuff, and neither does Elena. She pushes him off and grabs a knife, which she promptly inserts into his neck, except all of a sudden, it's not Connor with the knife in his neck. It's Jeremy. Title Card.

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