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They Say That Cracking Up Is Hard to Do

After the ring is gone, Elena realizes she can't leave Jeremy, but Hallucination Mom tells Elena he's better off with her dead. He won't be alone. Instead of having a vampire for a sister, he'll have a ghost for a sister. She can help him, rather than hurt him. Elena cries and says she's sorry. "Mommy, I didn't mean to disappoint you." Miranda says she didn't, but she died and was supposed to stay dead. When Damon appears, Mama disappears. Elena tells him he was right. Vampires kill people. She adds that Stefan was right, too. She can't live with herself. Damon gently mocks her pessimism and suggests they go somewhere and talk about it. He then turns into Connor who says, "The sun will be up soon." As dawn is about to break, Damon realizes Elena isn't wearing her ring. We cut to the...

Lockwood Mansion. Chris bids Tyler and Hayley farewell, but as he opens the door to leave Klaus walks in. Chris backs up, but not quickly enough. Klaus throttles him because that's what we do on this show, and berates Chris for letting Elena go. Tyler tries to take the blame. Hayley tries to talk sense to Klaus, which is her first mistake. When he reacts the way Klaus always reacts (that is, overreacts, with threats, of course) Hayley tries to take the blame and claims she let Elena free. She'd rather die than end up as one of his sired bitches. Klaus tells the "little wolf" not to tempt him, then turns his attention back to Chris. "Your existence is to serve me. To please me. Do you understand?" Oh man, the slavery parallels here are disturbing. I mean, they could be great (not the slavery part, the parallel part) because Tyler and Hayley are like the hybrid underground railroad. But they're not going to be great, because Chris is a Person of Color in Mystic Falls.

Chris apologizes to Klaus, who tells him to go. As he heads out the door, Stefan confronts him and stabs him in the gut. Hayley screams. Then Jeremy arrives, carrying a big axe.

Wickery Bridge. Damon tells Elena they need to get her inside. Connor's talking at her too. Damon tries to explain the curse, and that they know how to break it, but Elena's paying more heed to Connor's insistence that she kill herself. We cut to the...

Lockwood Mansion. When Tyler yells, "What the hell, man?" Stefan says, "I'm sorry." Maybe so, but he's not sorry enough. He nods at Jeremy who raises his axe over the still fallen Chris's neck and brings it down with a vengeance. Face spattered with blood, Jeremy looks down at his hand as his mark grows. Our little Potential is now a Chosen One. Let's just hope he doesn't sleep with Spike. Hayley screams again. She probably already got the visual.

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