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They Say That Cracking Up Is Hard to Do

Rising to his feet, Tyler looks at Caroline, pours himself another drink and then throws the glass against the wall. Hayley wakes and asks what's going on. Tyler: "Nothing. Nothing at all. Just celebrating the life of a fallen hybrid friend." Caroline's eyes widen, in horror, but I can't decide if she's horrified by her part in Chris's murder, or by the fact that suddenly, way cool Tyler has returned to his season one 'Roid Rage ways.

Sidebar. I've seen a lot of discussion about how the Fellowship of the Falls murdered an innocent hybrid to save Elena -- a known killer. Um. Hybrids are made when Klaus turns a werewolf into a vampire. Or adds vampire to the mix. You know what I mean. You have to start with a werewolf to even get a hybrid. On this show, certain people carry the werewolf gene. But they're only carriers unless or until they kill someone. It's killing that awakens their werewolf nature. Now sure, Chris could have killed someone by accident. We don't know his backstory. That said this isn't a court of law. I don't have to presume he's innocent. That doesn't mean I don't think what Caroline (and the others) did is not morally complex. It is. But when we were thick in the hybrid story, not too many of them seemed all that innocent. I agree Chris was portrayed as sympathetic. And he helped the very people who then betrayed him to his death. That's all dark and twisted enough. I don't need to assume he's innocent to think so.

Mystic Grill. Damon orders a bourbon, changes his order to two bourbons and leaves one in front of Alaric's empty stool. Aw. The gesture is not lost on Matt. He knows Damon doesn't like him, but he's got intel on the explosion at Pastor Cliche's ranch. He explains that April mentioned her father knew Professor Shane. "Which wouldn't be creepy, except he had all that info about the Hunter's Curse. We live in a town where, you know, anybody who knows stuff is creepy until proven otherwise." See, that's what I was trying to say about Chris. Thank you, Pudding Pop. Damon smiles. "You're on the verge of impressing me. Drive it home." Matt: "I got the sheriff to dig up the pastor's phone records. It turns out that he made a call a day to the same number, the last month he was alive. And on the day the Council got blown up at the farm, he called it ten times -- the office of Professor Atticus Shane.

Shane's Office. Shane asks Bonnie if Damon got everything he needed from his files. Bonnie says yeah and thanks him. She asks how Shane knows all this stuff. He says he's been around the world ten times over and studied every known supernatural. Witches are the most powerful, so he's in her corner, all the way. "When your new hunter -- and I know you have one -- when he completes his mark, you're going to want to come to me, 'cause I'm going to be the only one who can help. Trust me on that, okay. The only one."

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