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Gilbert Gables Porch. Elena comes outside and apologizes to Stefan for stabbing him. He laughs that he probably had it coming. Well yeah, but not in that particular moment. He knows Damon told her about the cure. He's glad to be free of the lies and secrets. They all want the same thing and just have to work together for it. When Stefan sits on the steps, Elena follows suit and then asks him why he sent Damon to look for her instead of coming himself. Stefan: "I sent him because lately, it seems like he's able to get through to you in ways that I can't. You'll listen to him. You trust him, even when you can't trust me." Elena tries to explain that she didn't mean to not trust Stefan, but he cuts her off. "After everything that we've been through, you can admit it." Elena just nods. Finally she tells Stefan he's been so strong for her. "Helping me. Fighting for that girl that chose you -- the girl that I was when I died on the bridge. And I love you so much for wanting to find this cure because I'd like nothing more than to get her back. The girl that she's become -- that -- that I've become is different, somehow. Darker. Who I am. What I want..." Stefan: "What you want, or who you want." You mean whom here, sweetie. He goes with who. Him goes with whom. She doesn't want he. She wants him. Get it? Got it? Good. Let me just pause here to apologize to editorial, and all of you gentle readers, because by picking on Stefan's grammar, I've just doomed myself to missing a bunch of embarrassing errors when I proof, and cursed editorial to miss them too.

Elena purses her lips and looks down. "Something's changed between Damon and me. Much more than it ever used to be. It's like everything I ever felt for him before I was a vampire..." Stefan: "It's been magnified. Your feelings for him have been magnified." Elena says she's sorry. She doesn't want to lie to Stefan, though. Stefan says, "Before, when I was the Ripper... I understood why you cared for him. I mean, I practically drove you to it, but now... I can't do this, Elena. Not anymore." Elena nods. Her voice is choked with tears when she says, "I know." They sit in silence as we zoom out and into the title card.

I've got things to do and I'm sure you do too, so let's wrap this up, since I already discussed my reaction to the breakup in the recaplet. I've seen people wondering why Elena's feelings for Stefan haven't also been magnified. This is how I make sense of it: first of all, Elena already had Stefan. He was her lover. That relationship is already more fully realized, so there isn't an unfulfilled yearning aspect to Stefan and Elena's relationship. Secondly, I think some of Elena's feelings for Stefan have been magnified. It's just that those feelings are negative because he's been trying to control her and has been lying to her. Yes, it's been for her own good, but even knowing that doesn't erase all of that resentment. Plus, above and beyond Elena's... oh no, I have to use the C word -- above and beyond her compassion, Elena hasn't been able to explore her vampiric nature without feeling that in doing so, she is disappointing Stefan. I don't want Elena to turn into an unrepentant killer. I do want her to get past this morose feeling that overwhelms her so. I want her to be enjoyable, not just pitiful. Who wants to watch their heroine, week after week, be completely joyless? Not this recapper.

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