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They Say That Cracking Up Is Hard to Do

Cut to morning. Jeremy is lying dead(ish) on the Gilbert Gables' couch. Elena is hyperventilating her story to Damon, who points out that Germ is wearing his psycho killer protect-o ring. He also suggests she call Stefan. No. Not a living soul can figure out why she didn't feed the Germ her healing vampire blood before he passed, but there you go. I mean, I know there's the risk that he could die with vamp blood in his system and become a vampire, but by relying on the ring, there's a risk that Jeremy could go the way of fugue-state psycho killer Alaric, which is no better, and actually a darned sight worse.

Elena reminds Damon about all Stefan's lying and the possibility that he compelled Jeremy. Damon: "In all fairness, I think you killing [Jeremy] trumps that." Everyone's a critic. When Stefan enters, Damon is sheepish. "P.S. I called Stefan." Did you laugh? I so laughed. Elena doesn't want to talk. She excuses herself to shower and "clean all the blood" off her hands, in case we didn't realize SHE'S A VAMPIRE.

As soon as Elena leaves, Jeremy gasps his way back to life. When he asks what happened, Damon can't be arsed to explain. "Buy the e-book." Stefan goes upstairs and finds Elena in her room. He knows she's pissed at him, but he wants to help. When Elena doesn't want his help, Stefan is all: oh, but you want Damon's. Darn tooting. That boy is fine. Okay, both boys are fine. I'm Bi-Salvatore. But don't you think it's Damon's turn? Whatever. This isn't going well. Elena knows Stefan is in cahoots with Klaus. She has her own brother's blood on her hands. She's not in the mood to let himself talk his way out of "this."

Lockwood Mansion. Tyler wakes and comes downstairs to find Hayley and Chris (Ser'Darius Blain), who stayed up all night, paying their respects to Dean (Blake Hood) -- the hybrid who took a nail bomb and weird weapon to the chest, just last week. It's then that Hayley gets frisky. After forcing a shot down Tyler's throat, she wipes his lower lip with her thumb and then sucks said thumb. I scream for Caroline, but instead, Klaus appears. He's swilling from a bottle and celebrating Dean's life, too. Only he's angrier about it, seeing that one of his baby hybrids is dead. Tyler gets why that upsets Klaus, but not why he cares about Hunter Tyler's death. Klaus says he has his reasons. "Cheers."

There's a knock at the door. Caroline is here, finally, and she's returning a box full of Tyler's stuff. Aw. Klaus approaches and confirms she's met Hayley, then summons his hybrid guards, to give Tyler the chance to get dumped on his arse in relative private. Once Klaus is out the door, Caroline and Hayley share a sly smile. Hayley was totally cool the whole time. She gave Caroline the heads up about Klaus's impending arrival. Tyler and Caroline seal their still intact union with a sloppy kiss. Oh oh. Let the record show that Way-Cool Hayley seems less cool about that.

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