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They Say That Cracking Up Is Hard to Do

Mystic Falls High School. Interior. Jeremy is inspecting his hunter's mark when Matt joins him. Jeremy asks Matt if he can see it, but of course he can't because it's a MAGICAL tattoo. Matt must be a Buffy fan, because he asks the Germ if this makes him a, "Chosen One," or something. The boys are interrupted by adorability incarnate: April.

Professor Shane is with April, and is that sort of friendly which is immediately suspect. He's carrying a rock which he claims is the world's oldest tombstone, but still manages to shake our boys' hands. Oh and he says his first name is Atticus, which makes me scream at my TV because Atticus Finch was the best, and Prof. Shane is clearly not. Oh my word, my husband is in the other room and just turned on the TV to find To Kill a Mockingbird. That's a sign. Be right back.

Two Hours Later...

All right. I'm a little distracted. Don't say I didn't warn you. After the professor begs off, April asks Matt and Jeremy why Shane is so familiar. They boys claim to have no clue, so April again asks about Rebekah's disappearance. She's the best friend Becky ever almost had! When April explains (again) that Rebekah was supposed to help her find out about the explosion, but then just disappeared, Matt and Jeremy sort of smirk at her. I love them both. You know I do, but right now, I think they suck. They know she's been compelled to forget things -- a fate these two share with April -- so their smirking is decidedly unbecoming. I tried to find a way around it. That is, I tried to interpret it in another way, like the smirks are really about Rebekah, but they're not. They're feeling superior to April, even though they've both been compelled more times than I can count. Stinkers. Let's all smirk at them until our rage passes, okay?

Gilbert Gables. Bonnie is there. She can't believe the boys lost Elena. They explain that Klaus took her and all about they Hunter's Curse that's currently haunting Elena, but Bonnie claims she can't help. Damon continues to treat Bonnie like she lives in his tool box. "Wave your magic wand. Hocus pocus. Be gone, hunter ghost-us." Bonnie says while the spirits won't let her harness the magic she'd need to break the curse, she can ask Shane for help because he knows everything. Satisfied, Stefan sets off to try and retrieve Elena from Klaus. Let me stick a pin in this moment. I'll be back to it, I swear.

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