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Klaus Haus. Chris brings Elena an overnight bag and informs her that Klaus says she'll be staying there until he figures out where to put her. Let me also stick a pin in that comment and come back to it in a bit. Elena already hates everybody and everything, so she asks Chris to leave. He does, but the ghost of Connor appears in his place. He tells Elena he'll be with her, forever, then asks how it felt to drain the life out of him. Objection! While she did have a little snack, Elena didn't drain the life out of Connor. She bit him while confronting him, but then all she did was warn him to stay away from her brother. It was only after Connor staked her that Elena killed him, and she did so with a classic neck snap. I imagine the writers forgot because they too were distracted by the fact that Elena never wipes her mouth and still had blood pooling in her palms, even after she dragged his giant corpse out into the woods, dug a grave, and threw him in it. Just sayin'...

At first Elena says it was horrible to kill Connor, but he badgers her until she admits she liked killing him and loved the taste of his blood. He then turns the screw by reminding her that he had a family -- a brother and parents. When Elena says she's sorry, he asks if she's sorry about her own parents' death. They were only on Wickery Bridge, because they went to get her. When he vows to haunt her to her last breath, Elena says she won't let him do this to her. He continues to harp on the fact that she's a monster who deserves to die, so Elena turns away from him. It's then that Connor morphs into...

Katherine. Yay! Also, boo. I mean, hallucination-Katherine is better than no Katherine at all, but after the previews, I was hoping actual-Katherine would come to town and school Elena on life as a doppelgänger vampire. Anyhow, hallucination Katherine suggests she and Elena have a little chat. When Elena turns to face her new tormenter, Katherine says, "Did you miss me?" Oh, yes we so very much did, Kiki. Welcome back. Commercial.

Sidebar. Remember that pin I stuck in Stefan's decision to get Elena, and the other pink I stuck Chris's comment about Klaus only keeping Elena in that room until he figured out where to put here? Yeah, those pins. At first, I thought Stefan was foolish to waste time (and risk angering Klaus) by trying to help Elena escape. Klaus is every bit as motivated as Stefan to ensure that Elena stays alive long enough to be cured, and then continue the doppelgänger bloodline, right? Sure, Elena's not going to be happy about being held captive at Klaus Haus, but when is the last time Elena was happy? I'm thinking it had to be Season One, but I digress.

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