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They Say That Cracking Up Is Hard to Do

Lockwood Mansion. Chris arrives and tells Tyler to, "Make it fast. Klaus will be back soon." Tyler shakes his head. "No he won't." We cut to the...

Mystic Grill. Klaus is sitting at the bar when Caroline arrives. She's wearing a swanky tank/hater sort of dress, and after pointing out the fact that the Grill is in perfect condition even though Dean just got blown up in it the day before, she gets right to the point. The Fellowship of the Falls wants him to return Elena. Klaus admires the fact that they've sent Caroline to sweet talk him, but there's no way he's returning Elena. He claims it's because Elena needs his help, but come on. If he really cared about Elena's mental wellbeing, he'd be with her, trying to help her through the hallucinations. It's not like she could kill him.

Klaus turns the talk to Tyler and Hayley, and points out that if Tyler were still sire bound to him, he never would have hurt Caroline. "I wouldn't have let him." This is, of course, a big honking lie because when Tyler was under Klaus's thrall, he bit Caroline on Klaus's orders. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the Caroline/Klaus dynamic, but it doesn't give me amnesia. Klaus offers Caroline a drink and smiles when she accepts.

Lockwood Mansion. Stefan and Tyler want Chris to help them get Elena out, and then he can run free. Chris points out that the hybrids will drag him back, but Tyler insists, "Hayley and I got your back. We'll make sure nothing happens." Oh, run, Chris. Look in the mirror. Recognize the fact that you're a Person of Color in this evil little town, and then run as fast as you can.

Klaus Haus. Hallucination Katherine continues to torment Elena and service the fandom. Bonnie lost her Grams and sort lost her absentee mom because of Elena. She probably secretly hates Elena, so she should just kill herself. Maybe it was worth it when she was human, but she's a monster now, and deserves to die.

Klaus Haus. Chris finds two hybrid guards outside Elena's room and tells them Klaus needs them, so he'll relieve them of their post. Once they're gone, Stefan arrives. Chris gives him the keys. Now run away, Chris. Run away.

Stefan finds Elena huddled on the floor. She doesn't see Stefan though. She sees Connor and begs him to stay away. Then she grabs something from the underside of the bed. I've seen people call it a sword, but despite the sound effect, I don't think it is. I think it might be a piece of the bed. Whatever it is, Elena plunges it into Hallucination Connor's gut, but of course Hallucination Connor is Actual Stefan. He falls to the floor in pain while Elena runs out. Now, I've seen criticism about the fact that the room wasn't baby proofed, but as I said, I don't think that was a sword. I think it was just a thing. What stands out more to me is that the post Stefan falls against is part wood. It seems to me she could have used her vampire strength to break off a piece and stake herself, so while the critique of Klaus's baby-proofing is inaccurate, it's not unwarranted. Commercial.

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