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My Sister's Keeper

Mystic Falls. Woods. Tyler and Elena head to the ranch. Tyler explains that Kim is challenging him as an alpha. He needs to make her submit. Yeah, he says "submit," and it's not the only time he'll say it. Talk turns to Adrian's sire bond, which gives Tyler an opportunity to ease Elena's mind (and mine and yours, my daughter), a little. "Being sired doesn't mean you feel differently about someone. I hated Klaus, but I still did everything he said. The bond affects how you act, not how you feel." At least Elena has that.

New Orleans. Damon returns to the shop and calls out Nandi. He knows she's not Valerie's great-granddaughter, but rather her daughter who was present in the shop, when he sought the original spell from Valerie. We cut to a shot of little-girl Nandi writing her name on the paper. Back in the present, when Damon tries to get tough with 80-looking-50 Nandi, she inflicts him with a mystical migraine and despite the fact that I want Elena free of the sire bond, I'm so glad that this witch isn't letting Damon use her as his tool.

Stefan plays the good cop role and appeals to Nandi's better angels. They just need her help. Nandi says she cannot help. Valerie practiced an art way darker than magic. Witches call it Expression. It channels the power of human sacrifice, which calls on darkness that can't even exist in this plane without swallowing "it" whole. Valerie used Damon to get the power of the 12 sacrifices for her own purposes.

SNAKE WATCH: When sisters are doing it for themselves, they're clearly only doing it to be even more evil than what is inherent in their "factory settings." Bah!

Nandi goes on to explain that a vampire only bonds to her sire when she has human feelings for him -- feelings that predate her turning. Vampirism only heightens those emotions. Again, Stefan looks like it's news to him that Elena had feelings for Damon, last season. He should have read the recaps. Nandi says that in order to set free a sire bound vampire, the sire has to set her free. "Tell her to live her life without you. To never think of you again. To stop caring about you and then leave her. That's the only way around the sire bond."

SNAKE WATCH: Usually, when vampire stories talk about sires, the word is used only to define the older vampire who turns a human into a newbie vamp, so I don't cringe at the term. But because it's used in this whole "sire bond" sense in The Vampire Diaries, daughter, I want you to go look up the word sire and then you and I can have a good long talk about its meaning. Ditto the word, bitch.

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