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My Sister's Keeper

SNAKE WATCH: Elena's former and current lovers agree to keep secret from Elena a very important fact about Elena. This is the same kind of two-headed Don't bother her pretty little head about it snake we've already seen in this episode. This time though, both heads are male.

School. Bonnie, Caroline and Elena catch up on Elena's living situation. Elena proposes a girls' night. Bonnie mentions that Shane is teaching her spells. Caroline gets judgmental. Elena calls her on it. As they firm up their plans, Elena spots Damon down the hall.

Elena finds Damon in what appears to be a biology classroom. I object. All of Damon's scenes at MFHS should involve Alaric's classroom. That's not a snake, it's just a gnat. Damon gives Elena a blood bag and suggests she gives it another try. He really thinks it will work. When she's hesitant, he cocks his head and says, "Please, for me." Elena drinks. The blood tastes like blood rather than hot garbage this time. Elena is overjoyed she no longer has to hurt people in order to feed. She throws her arms around Damon's neck and thanks him. He looks properly disturbed. Before we get to the snake, is that another gnat I see? I need to re-watch and haven't had time to, but when Elena drank Damon's blood a few weeks back, why did she puke it up? After all, she drank his blood at his urging.

SNAKE WATCH: The obvious snake here is the sire bond, rearing its ugly head. As I said earlier, I don't consider it venomous in and of itself, because that's the point of this storyline -- exploring what the sire bond does to a vampire. The hidden snake in this case -- as in most of the other male/female interactions in this episode -- is the male who is in control. There's too much of that here for me. Had there been some balance (and I pray it comes later in the season), I think this episode would have tasted less like hot garbage to me.

Professor Shane's Office. Hayley is rifling through Shane's office when he walks in. She tells him Adrian is giving them trouble. Shane isn't concerned, because he needs twelve hybrids free of Klaus's sire bond and they've already got that. Hayley, to her credit, tries to assert herself. She already told Shane Tyler is off-limits. Shane holds up a USB stick and says everything she wants to know about her biological family is encrypted on it. Once she delivers him 12 free hybrids, he'll turn it over to her.

SNAKE WATCH: Hayley starts out looking like she's in a partnership with Shane, but it's clearly an uneven one. He's older than she, at least in appearance -- a man to her "girl," if you will. Also, he's keeping information about Hayley from Hayley. The difference is, he lets her know he's keeping it and wields it like a whip to induce her to do his bidding.

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