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My Sister's Keeper

Mossy Manse. Caroline calls Stefan and exposits about the sire bond as it pertains to Klaus and his hybrids. They're grateful they no longer have to endure the pain of wolfing out. To break the bond, they have to transition until the process is no longer painful. Once they're in control of their own lycanthropic nature, they are no longer controlled by their gratitude to Klaus. Tyler says there's no vampire equivalent. Tyler's a frickin' expert, now? Huh.

Mossy Manse. Stefan finds Damon digging through memorabilia of their 1942 stay in New Orleans. We flash back, as current day Damon reminds Stefan about Charlotte. The woman was crazy about Damon from the day they first met, so when she asked him to turn her, he did.

New Orleans. 1942. Damon asks Charlotte (Madeline Zima) whom she has chosen for dinner. She points out the (black, of course) singer/guitar player. Before Damon heads off to invite the musician to join them, he tells Charlotte to watch his drink. If anyone disturbs it, she is to show no mercy. When a clumsy sailor knocks into the glass, Charlotte snaps his neck. What's worse is that she's too bound to Damon to comprehend his shock and displeasure at the fact that she just murdered someone in full view of a bar packed with people.

SNAKE WATCH: Do I even have to go there? Well, maybe I do. Okay, Charlotte is sire bound. Again, my only problem with that aspect is that it is again female vampire bound to a male. I wonder what the show could have done if it had a male bound to Damon or even if it had presented Damon as sire bound to Katherine. Granted, that second scenario would necessitate a slight alteration to the mythology (which we don't learn 'til later, but which I'd already figured out by this point in the episode; if you're in love with or at least have strong feelings for the vampire who turns you, you end up sire bound). They'd have to slightly alter any proposed solution on how to break the bond, but they could have come up with something. I'll try to remember to get back to that when it's more appropriate to the scenes at hand.

SNAKE WATCH cont'd: What's more disturbing to me is that Charlotte is so besotted (sire bound, whatever) that even once Damon shows he is shocked by her casual, public murder of the sailor, she's just a pretty face -- crazy about her man, yo! -- so she's too thick-headed to understand what she's just done. Forget the murder bit for a moment and just focus on the public aspect of it. Damon and Charlotte are not in a vampire bar. They're just in a bar. Vampires have to keep their killing and other feeding on the down low, but Charlotte just broke vampire safety rule number one and is such a crazy chick, she doesn't even get that. Yuck.

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